Western Union Communion - RACDG Norcal vs Rocky Mtn. Rohlers (4/7/23)

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Captain @GremlinGolfer and myself have been in negotiations for a possible spring 2023 cross roost field trip to the NorCal area, wanted to create this thread for ideas, thoughts, and gauge general interest. I believe we are natural allies in the national roost landscape with shared values of being the ‘laid-back fun’ clubs, a meetup only makes perfect sense. Here are some thoughts I’ve been workshopping:

  • weekend visit, either Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday
  • 8-12 spots per roost (can easily open up to other roosts as well if we gain enough traction)
  • aiming for sometime in the spring, the early season is rough on us Colorado folk
  • joint charity efforts FTW
  • field trip merch? obviously
  • creative format that allows roosters to make new friends from different areas (this is our main ‘why’)

Lastly, the Rohlers at large have forgiven @leric90 for his past transgressions against the great state of Colorado and his (regrettable) takes, he is more than welcome to attend, given the California Gaming Commission hasn’t taken him into custody by then.

Cheers! Let’s get some ideas flowing


Hold up…

Do I get a say in this?

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you and Eric can certainly settle your differences on the field trip!

Just no name calling, let’s not have it be one of those

LOL at ever being allowed to take a golf trip again.

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it’s a business trip, national customer research, at least that’s what we’ll tell Dev and Katie

I already used that excuse on the Bandon ‘24 trip

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grind don’t stop

@RACDGNorCal fyi….feel free to chime in with ideas, etc.


Spring 2023 is likely when we’re doing Chunks at the Chuck. Or close enough. Do we want to reserve X amount of spots for these miscreants, and perhaps have some type of game interwoven through that event OR do something different but close timing wise?

If it’s local, I’m almost assuredly in. If it’s travel from the Bay Area, it might cause my wife to Google “brutal divorce lawyers” as I would be sandwiching that between a Feb Bandon trip and a three week August Ireland trip.


I think the idea is to try and stick around the bay area, or whatever location makes the most sense for the local roost

My two cents is we play only coastal courses so we can show these landlocked lovers of the kind of okay state of Colorado why the West Coast has got it goin on


name calling warning!

But, yes, we like peeks at the ocean since we dont get those. I know Gleneagles GC is not oceanside but that place spoke to my soul


My in-laws live in Denver so I’m out there quite a bit if any of my fellow NorCal guys want to coordinate something in the other direction.


Love this idea! Can’t wait to hear about being at sea level is making the ball fly less than at altitude.


might hear this more than once



This REALLY is starting to feel like a Bodega Bay/Northwood 27 hole adventure is the call.


Love that idea

Bodega/Northwood is basically mandatory I think (maybe as test run for the Inaugural Cubensis Classic)… Maybe Lincoln Park or Sharp Park as well

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Gleneagles is rad! Huge vibes, as they say

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