TrapDraw, Episode 11: NLU Crew


No worries at all dude.


Why do you love golf?
It’s outside.
It’s challenging.
It can be played alone or with others.
It requires strategy, imagination, luck, and skill.
It requires different shots.
It allows people of any skill level to play the same venue as the pros.
You get to buy equipment.
You get to hang out on the Refuge when you should be working.

What was your introduction to golf?
My family is really into sports and my uncle, who was a golf pro, mailed me an old wooden driver to hit around when I was about seven. I would place a ball on the ground and hit drivers off the deck before I even knew what that meant. It was fun but golf would not captivate me until several years later.

When did you fall in love with golf?
A few days before I turned 15, my dad took my brother and me to play golf. It was the first time that I had ever played on an actual course and halfway during the round, I was hooked.

Did you ever work at a golf course?
Yes. I worked grounds for several years in high school and college. I have mowed fairways, greens, tee boxes, and rough. I can operate a Sand Pro, Gator, Cushman with the manual transmission (that sucker would move), water injection aerators, tractors, water by electrical box, cut pins, etc. The only thing I have not done is use the sprayer because the superintendent knew the only people that should be around those are the ones that one actually do it for a living.

Did you watch a lot of golf growing up?
Before I turned 15, I would just fall asleep to it on the weekends. Once I started playing, I would watch it. I specifically remember being at a baseball tournament with my traveling team and only wanting to watch Justin Leonard in the 1997 Open.

Highest moment in golf?
Shot a 39 my junior year of high school in a 9-hole match. Not bad for only playing golf for two years.

Lowest Moment in golf?
That 39 came after consecutive rounds of 62 and 66 for NINE HOLES. Holy fuck. I would hit back-to-back shanks. I would be hitting four when my playing partners were getting ready to play their second. I was so devastated that it took everything that I had not to walk off the course.