Trap Draw: Boston

@Tron @Randy how quickly did you want to get on the course after talking to Danny Woodhead? Goddam that was invigorating.

Edit: Goddam, bro, that was invigorating.


Been lucky to meet Woodhead a few times in person, and he is the goddamn energizer bunny, he has so much energy. One of my favorite guest podcasts so far


If there’s not a gritty ass episode of wild world of golf filmed in Nebraska then what are we even doing here?


I came for the Runza propaganda, i was not disappointed.


Was hoping for at least some mention of the epic family feud behind the Market Basket empire. The family that owns it (Demoulas) has been suing each other forever.

How did the victors celebrate? They sent two directors with a police escort to the Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover to change the locks — a pretty clear message to people in charge there. The club is owned by the supermarket company and most of its managers are loyal to Arthur T.



My buddy from Andover is ride or die Market Basket. I think his entire family has worked there at different times in the last 20 years.

@Randy Sam Adams does in fact have the Boston Brick Red only available in and around Boston it is delicious


I’m glad Providence was brought up early on. I had sent @Tron and @Randy an unnecessarily long email (may have used wrong emails and I’m new on here, so didn’t think to just use this) before this pod to request it gets its due on this pod.

Definitely an underrated restaurant town and much closer to TPC Boston than Boston. And it’s where a lot of the players stay or at least used to stay for this tournament when I worked at the course for a couple summers back in the day (08/09).


No free ads for Birdie ball @Randy

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When they brought up, rightfully so, the maze that makes up Downtown Boston streets I couldn’t help but chuckle: I have never been so frustrated with the one way streets around Brown and Providence broadly.

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@Tron mentioning the 9-hole muni I grew up playing (Fresh Pond) was unexpected. Talking about it in the same conversation with The Country Club was probably unprecedented.

@Randy, the H in Amherst is silent. Mea culpa, please. Likewise, Tron, “the Mass Pike,” or “the Pike.” Never the Turnpike.

The Pru is the landmark. The tall Hancock will always be the new money skyscraper. (The OG shorter Hancock stays in legend category.)


major kudos to the george wright gc shoutout… one of my favorites!


Definitely a maze. And I can’t think of a road more stressful than Storrow Drive in Boston for those familiar.


the Jamaicaway and it isn’t even close.


Feetures socks are incredible. My mom bought me a pair like 8 years ago and I threw out all my other crew socks shortly after. My wife wears them out and so do the in-laws. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Excellent sponsor.

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The Mike and Patty’s shout out made my day…mostly because I drove over there as soon as I heard it. Yumm. Thanks, Tron.

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The lack of arboretum talk was preposterous. Boston/Eastern Mass. has a wealth of great arboretums.


Oh man Mike and Patty’s and Blackbird Doughnuts/Sally’s Sandwiches being in a 1/4 mile radius and living in the South End…I got no problem admitting I have done the bang-bang before of a Grilled Crack Sandwich from Mike’s for breakfast polished off with a donut dessert chaser on the walk back from Blackbird. WE LIKE THAT


Surprising that TC had such high praise for public golf in Boston and such low appreciation for food and beverage scene. As a local, I find there are far more top quality restaurants and chefs than public golf courses. If you are going to praise the likes of Sandy Burr and Putterham, how do you bag on a city with Ken Oringer, Jamie Bissonette, Barbara Lynch, Tiffani Faison, Tony Maws, Karen Akunowicz, Joanne Chang, etc. etc.? Also, I know he is anti-IPA, but Treehouse (admittedly not really Boston), Trillium, Night Shift, and Jacks Abby is a pretty formidable lineup of breweries, and there are dozens more well-respected locals. Plus, Harpoon > BBC.


Totally agree. I think golf is a lot less accessible than they made it sound. Are there great courses, sure. Can you get on said courses at a reasonable time? Probably not. His point about 5-6 hour loops was spot on though.

I tend to agree with his restaurant take. All of the restaurants that are hyped don’t really do it for me.