Tourist Sauce, Season 2 (SCOTLAND)


That episode might be my favourite golf video on youtube, in my opinion it was the perfect balance of describing the course, visuals, showing shots, the story of your round etc. Damn fun looking course too.

Can I vote for season 3 to be Ireland, 4 back in Scotland?


I would definitely watch a series of videos where Randy makes his way down some iconic staircases around the world. Philly Art Museum (Rocky), the “Spanish Stairs” in Rome, hell I’d chip in for the plane ticket to see him take on Angkor Wat’s temple stairs in Cambodia.


My wife is afraid of heights. When we went to Cambodia she went up those stairs and i wasn’t sure she was ever going to come back down. Shit is soooo steep.


Ok just got to watch the Cruden episode and it was great. Ive really enjoyed the last couple episodes and seeing all the NLU guys hit more shots. Seeing how green the greens were at Cruden really brings Trons complaints on the podcast to light about the greens not playing like a true links because of how soft they were.


I’m sure a lot of American courses could do what they do in GB & I in terms of financials.

The thing that America does however is build profit in.

There are so many member owned courses over here that exist only to provide golf for their members. They aren’t trying to factor in a profit.

For most places, tourism is actually not a big factor and they will still run and operate with a few hundred members paying less than £1,000 per year and won’t necessarily have hundreds of visitors or tourists each week.

Also, there are no gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, fancy clubhouses etc. that all massively add to a CC cost.

Water is probably a big one in America that will add to the cost. As you can see in Tourist Sauce, most Scottish courses will have sprinklers on the greens but will leave the rest of the course up to nature to sort out.

But there is surely a case to make ‘members’ golf more accessible in the states. But it won’t happen until you all say No to huge CC fees.


About a week late but this is all I could think about watching the Elie episode

Image result for dobby harry potter happy


@Soly mentioned being able to learn some things from EAL. I’m curious as to what they are?


Not a specific comment, but can we applaud the new length of the videos? The ~10 minutes was not enough in my opinion from Aus and the boys responded with strong 15-17 minute videos from Scotland. I love it.


On how to film stuff on the course, how to get the audio right (huge challenge, especially in a windy place like Scotland), conveying emotion on the golf course.

(also some stuff not to do, but focusing on the positives here I would imagine).


Make sure you have the little fuzzy thing that goes over the mic…

/pours another out for the Tara Iti audio




The sailing vlogs I follow all swear by the “deadcat” style microphone cover.




Maybe have a quick look at taxes in the UK


Great episode. Continuing to give us what we want while mixing in new angles and execution.


Probably my favourite episode yet. Keep them coming :+1:t2:


Cullen is the kind of quirky course we all wanted to see out of this series. Excellent! Looked like you were playing on a different planet for some of it.


Genuinely glad that they have included places like Cullen on this.

Somewhere that is ‘off the beaten track’ but if you get the weather in Scotland - there are hundreds of decent and fun courses you can play that don’t cost a fortune.

There’s a standing joke around Scotland that if you want to attract American’s to a course, all you have to do is raise the green fees to £200. And certainly there does seem to be an attitude that if it’s cheap, it must be rubbish.

You could easily spend £1,000 for a week in green fees alone for a tour around Scotland, but if you just want to enjoy a bit of Scottish golf, then that is definitely not required.

Cullen is £30 for a day ticket and £100 for a week. And with it being a short course, could be ideal as an added extra where you travel to play Royal Aberdeen, Nairn, Castle Stewart, Royal Dornoch etc. and come back to Cullen for some low cost accommodation and a hit in the evening sun.


Excuse my ignorance, but I have not played in Scotland, why do the courses seem completely empty? I know in one episode it was mentioned that you were playing during the World Cup which likely thinned the crowds a little, but it looked like you were the only players at Cullen.


I was on Cullen’s website and I found this photo in their course gallery.