TILT Tournament Scoring Template

Hi All,

Since following the NLU crew, I’ve really been taking advantage of the TILT scoring game for long buddies tournaments. It has made it way more enjoyable experience as we have friends of all different handicaps. I have looked around and did not find any spreadsheet or anything to help with scoring, so I had created one a little while back to help with a full tournament TILT scoring. If anyone wants to try it out I have attached the link below. Let me know if you have any questions about it that I can help work out. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy!

Edit: Great thanks for the help everyone. I have now added the dropdown for tee boxes. So individuals will no longer need to adjust any formula whatsover. Hopefully this is more user friendly. Let me know if there are any other suggestions and i hope people enjoy

Edit Pt2: Didn’t realize it was fully locked for everyone. I have now created an additional copy for everyone to copy and use if so desired!



HATE to see that


I do like the collapsibility you got going, much cleaner. Gonna use a trip I did last year to compare them.

Edit: Already noticing the one I posted has the course handicap calc’d wrong, wasn’t taking into account the rating-par portion. Love the ability to select separate tees as well. Think a neat feature would be able to select the tees from a drop down as part of the HCP cell under the player.

Sorry! I did not find it posted prior, and cant access your spreadsheet. Yeah I kind of plug away and make improvements every once and a while. The tee idea is a great one!

No reason to apologize! Yours has a much better layout and flow to it. Just a bit of manual work for switching the tees, which really isn’t that bad.

We always play tilt too. It’s a game that can run in the background and you can do a lot of other gambling during the round. But it also get’s your blood pumping when you’ve made a few net birdies in a row and are trying for a safe landing. Great overall betting game for a golf trip.

Typical Gambling Games in pay each day for our group (12 golfers typically):

  • Week Long Tilt w/ Tilt Champion Winning the Week
  • Wolfhammer/Wolf/Nassau within your foursome
  • 3:2 Putting Challenges when called

Something else that would be good to include is instead of having the formula hardcoded with the hole values (0 bogey, 2 par, etc), reference the section in the top right. Other people might not use the same values so being able to dynamically update that would be awesome

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I have a pretty basic template in Numbers which I find much easier to input on the course on an iPhone at least. Every hole you just do score, enter, score, enter, etc. No tapping into cells. Unfortunately the conditional formatting in Numbers sucks so you can’t highlight when on tilt by looking at gross scores, gotta confirm with the detail below the scores.

Good idea i have changed it to have those modifications. I am looking into the dropdown list idea as well!

On google sheets the app it is a little bit of a nuisance having to tap on the exact cell, but the speed of the process is still similar to a scorecard!

Here’s a template I made a couple years back, in case there’s anything in there feature-wise that’s useful to you.

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