The Southern Shootout - Returns Dec 8-10 - Auburn, AL

It’s Back! After a 2 year hiatus, that’s probably my fault. One of the original Refuge meetups will return and hopefully some of the original actors will join us! We’re going to highlight an area of the country many have probably never seen and bring together this community for some much needed winter time golf!

Where: Auburn / Opelika, AL - there’s a contingent of The Peachtree Collective Roost there and this is their way of showcasing what they’re home has to offer.

When: Dec 9th - Official Tournament Day -
- Optional - Dec 8th - PM golf
- Optional - Dec 10th - AM golf

What Courses?
- Dec 8th - TBD - But most likely - The Fields in Lagrange, GA, as it’s a great track on the road to Auburn from Atlanta. But could definitely be elsewhere, or wherever a group of you want to make it!
- Dec 9th - Grand National on the RTJ - Unlimited Golf - They have the Lakes, Links, and a Par 3 course. We’ll be shooting for 36 on each championship course.
- Dec 10th - Saugahatchee Country Club - Members and Pros are offering access to us for a Sunday morning round!

Costs? Working on that now- but I anticipate something maxed out at $175 for Saturday, and then add what you’d like for the other days. Working on block room rates at nearby hotels as well!

If this peaks your interest, please sign up below. Official Signups will go out just after labor day, when we’ve locked down pricing and structure.


In my town… on my birthday… what did I do to deserve this one?


@HighCottonClub assemble :facepunch:

The Yellowhammer in October, Southern Shootout here in Auburn in December and The Overlook at Limestone Springs in Oneonta in January, going to be a busy few month stretch


Roll Tide! I’ll be there in spirit, got ballgames that day unfortunately.

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Calling all sharpshooters …

Maybe we can get @Cody to join in the action :wink:


Slainte workis fast!

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Helps when you’re throwing something together!

Also, Grand National looks pretty sick

Decided to push it a little more


The boys in Auburn/Opelika @zwillard and @Jim_Sand have been combing thru the details. This event will be authentic to the area and really highlight a great golf region!

Signups will open up on Monday Sept 4th via Unknown Golf. We’ll post the link here.

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Any word on signups?

We’re Open!


Been looking and havent seen where to send the money

You can Venmo @ptc-golf


Absolutely hate to not make it to an AL event, but I’ll be winding down 8/10 weekends in a row travelling for the Roost and should probably avoid adding one more at the end.

I’m confident HCC will still represent well :handshake:

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Hey Everyone, deposits are 10/15 - If you haven’t sent it in already please venmo $100 to @ptc-golf

Also, If you are signed up on sheets but haven’t please register on Unknown


When do you need the rest of the money?

Took my name off the sheet due to a conflicting event. Y’all have a blast.

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Same here. Sorry to miss it, but too much going on in that window for another trip.

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December 1st.

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