The Low Country Boil at Caledonia & True Blue (Pawleys Island, SC): 2022, July 7-10

From the fine folks who brought you the Hootenanny and SC is Hot, Hot, Hot!, we are pleased to present the 2022 Low Country Boil at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club, both Mike Stranz designs.


You may remember these courses from the Tourist Sauce Carolina’s episode on both courses, where DJ called True Blue a chess match, and Randy professed his love for Caledonia (top 10 domestic experience). Having had the opportunity to play both courses a number of times over the years, I can say with confidence they are both good takes.

True Blue is a big ballpark with pretty wide fairways and dramatic features. Caledonia is more intimate (yet doesn’t feel small). The drive up to the Clubhouse is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

We have room for 80 players, playing 36 on Friday, 18 on Saturday, and 18 on Sunday. There will be options for people to replay these courses, or venture out to one of the other courses in the area (I recommend Heritage, Willbrook, or Pawleys).

The cost per person will be approximately $555 (which covers golf and lodging). $399 for golf only. I will be asking for some donations to a TBD charity as we get closer.


Thursday July 7th: Arrive in Pawleys Island and check in

Friday, July 8th:

  • Caledonia (tee times from 8:06-9:09)
  • Lunch at Caledonia or True Blue
  • True Blue (tee times from 1:54 - 2:38)
  • Dinner on your own, will likely head over to the Pawleys Island Tavern for dinner and drinks

Saturday July 9th

  • True Blue (tee times from 8:33-9:36)
  • Free afternoon/evening

Sunday July 10th

  • Check out of condo
  • Tee times at Caledonia (tee times from 8:33-9:36)


  • 2 Bedroom Condos at True Blue, each room has 2 beds, so 4 people per condo
  • I realize there are some people who live locally or own a property in the area. For anyone in this bucket, reach out to me privately to see what we can work out.

Format TBD, will be applying for an NIT spot for this event. If you have interesting ideas on what the format should be, let me know.


  • Flying In

    • Pawleys Island is about 2 hours from the Charleston, SC and WIlmington, NC airports.
  • Raleigh is about 3.5 hours from Pawleys Island

  • Myrtle Beach airport is about 45 minutes from Pawleys Island and has increased their offerings.

    • For anyone flying in, there may be people willing to pick you up from the airport, I would suggest getting a car or at least work out something with someone who is driving in.
  • Getting to the Courses

    • The courses are literally across the street from each other, and the condos are in the True Blue complex. You will most likely want a car to get back and forth to the courses, though the drive will be short
  • Additional Rounds

    • We can book replays or other courses on Saturday, I will also likely be putting something together for Thursday somewhere on the Strand.
  • Weather

    • It’s going to be hot. Bring sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and consider changing clothes in between rounds

How to secure your spot:

  • Click on this link to forms and fill out your information:
  • Upon completion, I will email instructions for how to make a $100 deposit to secure your spot. You can also pay in full at that point.
    • Full payment will be due on April 1, 2022. After that date, I will follow up with anyone who has paid a deposit but not made full payment to gauge your interest or whether you need a refund.
    • Deposits will be refundable until May 1. 2022. After that, deposits will be refunded only if someone else takes your place.


I’m addicted to refuge events


Me too, might need to start a support group.


oh hell yeah. what better way to celebrate my first July 4th as an “American”


in for this 100%


Is this during my annual beach week to Pawley’s? Yes.



Agreed… to bad my bank account and PTO keep me in check.

Stoked for this, thanks @Double_Bogey_Dave for aiding in the evolution of the Hootenanny and SC is Hot Hot Hot into what should be considered a refuge major! Presented by the CLC of course!


Just when I started to think I was making good financial decisions…


You’re a golf sicko. These two go together like oil and water.


Yeah the passing up mint Wilson goosenecks while picking up a box for a putter that I had just sold felt like it was a temporary state of mind


Man I love these courses.


This looks awesome.


Dude!!! I am so f-ing stoked about this @Double_Bogey_Dave !!! Been wanting to play these two for a long damn time and just haven’t been able to make it happen! It is going to be epic!!! I also do really enjoy Low Country Boils as well!!!



@jimithng23 LOL I am siting here like dammit where is my email? Did I click submit? Should I submit another form? I am too desparate for this one? lmao…DBD will be getting flooded with forms so I will just be patient…maybe


Yeah I need to start investing or find something else to start funding my travels lol


Probably me, right now


@Double_Bogey_Dave you da man! Thanks


I’m in! May give me an excuse to visit my folks in Longs, SC, with or without the wife; or she may go to PDX and I’ll golf :slight_smile:

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Agree—thanks @Double_Bogey_Dave . The Low Country Boil—may be the next NLU Major?