The Highlander - 9/16-9/18 @ Northland CC Duluth MN (Pairings out today? Maybe?)

Panther Mike and TC are bringing this event way up North to Duluth, Minnesota for The Highlander at Northland Country Club. Tron fell in love with this place and had to get it on the schedule for 2021. This will be a 2 day event - September 17 and 18. Registration will open in May. More details coming soon.


Finally an event with a date that works for me. Now to pray to the golf gods that I get selected when I register.

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Damn, I was just telling myself I needed to get back up north. This is V interesting

I have to travel south to Duluth


Lodging acquired.

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The cabin is an hour away. Nice. @tron do you wakesurf?

You must live at the North Pole. LOL


This event will be shortly after the 51st Leo Spooner Four Ball at NCC. IF the weather is good (meaning 60 degrees) and it has been dry, all participants will be in for a treat. I play the Spooner and the greens are fast and firm. The leaves will be changing and the vistas from 3 green and 4 tee, 10 green 11 tee, 13 green, 14 green and 15 tee will be breathtaking (assuming the fog isn’t in). Participants will love it and be driven nuts by the breaks. DO NOT GO ABOVE THE HOLE! NCC is a great place. I grew up in Duluth many years ago (almost 50) and return annually at least once. Not to humblebrag but I am a National Member and look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of this unique course.


I’ll be doing whatever I can to sign up for this one.

I was born in Duluth, and lived nearby for 14 years (but haven’t played Northland).

Time to start praying to the sign-up gods.


Lol, Duluth is south for me too! Hoping crossing the border is sorted out soon as this would be one of the few events that is drivable.


No border crossing for me, I just live in very northern Minnesota


Even better! I am in very southern Canada haha

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The 2021 season began today

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Folks, I am not trying to cross streams here, but why not consider spending even more time in the Frozen North and joining @xthrubyx and many more YOTB disciples at our house of worship in Fargo-Moorhead the weekend before The Highlander.


My favorite hole on the course

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There is so much good golf on the drive from Fargo to Duluth too

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This is what you will be looking at should you venture to NCC


What are some highlights? I make that drive 4-6x per year.

Detroit Lakes is great, with Wildflower, Detroit CC, and Forest Hills. Walker has Tianna and Longbow, both of which I’ve heard are very good too. If you go south a bit, Fifty Lakes/Brainerd area have all you could want. Go north to Grand Rapids maybe a half hour and you’ve got Pokegama and Eagle Ridge. I haven’t even mentioned the Giant’s Ridge courses yet, which are the best in the state and maybe an hour north of that route.