The Farmer’s Cup II - March 2, 2024 - High Cotton Club vs Crossroads Co-Op

Pairings Party next Friday at 7CST on IG via thehighcottonclub

It sounds like the coin toss has been conceded by CCO, so HCC will have the first pick in a snake draft format

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For those without IG, can you also post here?

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Absolutely, you’ll also be able to view via Unknown Golf once it’s sorted :handshake:

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I gotcha Teeps! We will make sure to keep everyone in the loop!

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:rotating_light:PAIRINGS PARTY RESCHEDULED FOR TONIGHT AT 7CST​:rotating_light:

Will be available to view on Instagram @thehighcottonclub

LFG gentlemen!


Love the captain on captain crime to bookend, let’s get it fellas!


Had a blast on the IG live, and y’all are crushing the graphics game. Very much looking forward to Saturday, should be exciting to see what storylines @Jrob0822 comes up with on the pod :joy:


The countdown is so on

Sorry I’m missing this one boys. Go get ‘em boys.

Co-Op Don’t Stop.


Did y’all (look at me acting like them hehe) get some snow down there this morning?

Nope! Just a severely annoying rain that lasted the entire game I was reffing last night. Wasn’t heavy, just steady.

‘Twas the night before the Famers Cup,
And all through the South
High Cotton members are stirring
And foaming at the mouth.

Competition is ahead,
And the vibes will be tremendous,
Despite the conditties,
That may make it feel like Christmas.

With farmers and ranchers,
Working full steam ahead,
A bunch of degenerates,
Will be golfing instead.

May the vibes fly high,
And the friendships follow,
We’ll have a champion,
This time tomorrow.


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High Cotton Club - 41.5
Crossroads Co Op- 30.5

HCC takes the clean sweep in the inaugural edition of The Farmers Cup…

Seriously can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and getting involved. Very cool to see COO developing, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet every single person today.

… Park Mammoth next time? :eyes:


Absolutely loved getting to captain the @HighCottonClub today! Really enjoyed getting to meet all the guys from Indiana and couldn’t be more thankful of everyone for making the trip and helping a cause so near and dear to my heart!


Let’s get it on the books :handshake:

Could be a fun late-season matchup to see what us Corn-fed boys can put together over the summer as we #get(further)involved

Excellent pregame poem btw just seeing that :gem:


Aaaaand we’re on the books!

The High Cotton Club and Crossroads Co-Op visit Park Mammoth Golf Club for the second edition of The Farmers Cup - A Roost Border Battle.

Two squads of 12-16 will compete in 9 hole fourball and 9 hole singles matches, with every hole being worth a point. Fourball matches will be set by Roost Squad Captains, and Singles Matches will be played between the closest handicaps within each tee time (tee times start at 10:00AMCST).

Stay tuned for more information regarding an optional practice round, Friday night pairings party, gifts, entry fees and more.


I wanna play, but I’m not in either roost.