The Extinction at Park Mammoth Golf Club (6/3/23)

Hello everyone! Some of y’all may have heard some folks from @HighCottonClub ranting and raving about Park Mammoth Golf Club in Park City, KY. Well, we are coming to you today with a chance to experience what has become one of our favorite courses on the planet next summer! On June 10, 2023 we will be hosting our 3rd edition of The Extinction at Park Mammoth! This event will consist of 36 holes of individual net Stableford competition, with an alternate shot derby to follow. Additionally, we will have a kickoff dinner and Calcutta on the night of June 9, 2023. For those travelling into town, or those simply looking for similar vibes from the hotel in Kansas City, we will have a block of hotel rooms reserved in Bowling Green, KY and a bus to get everyone to and from the course so that anyone can enjoy the day as much as they want! The current cost (not including hotel) is $325 per player which includes food and a few drinks the day of the vent, transportation from the hotel to the course, 36+ holes of golf, a merch package for the event, and a charitable donation!

For this event, we are using our new software, Unkown Golf, to handle sign ups. Follow the link below to sign up using your GHIN number and fill out the questionnaire to get registered for your spot at the event. We have up to 72 spots for the event and would love to get a full field to show off this amazing course located just north of Nashville! For any questions, please check out the information packet available at the link below, which is also available through Unknown Golf under the documents tab on The Extinction’s event home page. For any additional comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or @leftysauce and we will do everything we can to help get everyone dialed in for this event!


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Halfway to a full field already… NIT spots, here we come :eyes:

I signed up for Unknown Golf but the link isn’t taking me to the sign up for the event.

Sorry for the issues… it looks like the link got shifted around somehow. Try here:


Park Mammoth is as good as it gets, fellas. It’ll be a little more green in the summer, but the place was popping off yesterday.


The link worked perfectly in Safari but not Chrome so I think it’s their issue.


Not to mention the new putting green and driving range should be 100% ready to rock and roll

A few notable non-HCC folks who have already signed up…

S/o @TheSupercell for getting involved early! Excited to rekindle the KC vibes with some of the boys from @ElectricPhactory too

@jsmoove @HoselRocketeer @GeneralQuinn @MagicLoogie @Tibbs @Flex

Stoked to have y’all in High Cotton Country!


I’m going to float this to the Mrs. I’ve got a lot of ties to the area, so a trip may be in line. My FiL is on the board of Mammoth Cave and has been dying to get us out there. I have zero desire to be underground, so maybe this would work as a compromise….


We would love to have y’all and non refuge guests are also welcome!

It would just be me, but I’m thinking my wife and kids could hit the caves with grandpa. My son has also been dying to get back to the Corvette museum. I’ll keep y’all posted.


Sounds good! Also, if you’re back up near Lafayette with some golf time next spring/summer, feel free to hit me up and I’m sure my FIL and I would love to try and get together in play!

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Oh for sure. We hit Lafayette at least once or twice a year. Almost all of our family on both sides is in the area.

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Lots of family history at the corvette museum… my grandfather and father helped with construction of the factory back in the day and I broke my collarbone on a field trip. They say greatness skips a generation, right?

Between the Corvette Museum, Mammoth Caves, and a little minor league baseball… Bowling Green may be a sneaky good family destination. Heck, they even have an amusement park


My masters is from Louisville (Go Cards) so we have a lot to look forward to by taking a trip out that way.


We now have @PeachtreeCollective @ASplashOfOJ and @FirstFlight represented by way of @Slainte @Big_RanDeer and @westerj12, respectively

Oh, and @DILLYD has signed up and will not be constricted to a golf shirt in the derby… might be time to let the boys watch :eyes:


The Roost representation continues to grow… :eyes:

Our first player from @OhioAgainstTheWorld in @NSenak88 and even @NorthStarUnited getting involved by way of @chefcycle

With 40+ players now signed up, we could have a few NIT qualifier spots on the line :eyes:

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I dont think we can stress this enough, just how awesome this course is. It might be better than Sweetens…