The Eggnogural 9 Hole Festivus for the Ref-tof-us (Chicago, IL): 2021, December 11 @ 1:06 p.m.!

There is no off season. This will be the thread home for a meet up/event in Chicago in December.

I’m currently thinking we do Sydney Marovitz, but I’m open to other 9 hole tracks.

Think of it as like the ugly sweater party for all of us sickos.

We will raise some funds for the First Tee of Greater Chicago.

More to come.


Super in on this, and totally down with Syd. Tam O’Shanter could be a lot of fun, but feel like they probably close earlier in the season. I have heard good things about the bar/restaurant there, but haven’t actually been in. Just thinking it would be fun to do somewhere that we could all meet inside for some food and drinks after.

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Tam’s my “home” course. It may have changed but Tam usually closes right after Halloween. I can definitely confirm that the bar/restaurant are top notch and that having some groups out there would be a great time

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I feel like it’s gotta be Syd.

Thinking the weekend if 12/11.

We can warm up at the clock tower cafe after?

Should we see if we can do reverse routing?

Most importantly who’s in?

And should we do a secret Santa or white elephant golf or booze exchange after?


Is the tower open?

Who’s in? Very lack-luster three likes on the last post. This is more of a meet-up than an event.

Who’s to say.

I have a logo idea if someone has the proclivities to produce one.


Since it’s at Sydney I am in


I have nothing else going on


We got three!

One more and we can play a golf game!

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Unfortunately, I will be out of town that week for my sister’s wedding.

Out of town that weekend :frowning:

Sign me up, I can Uber if the wife has the car.

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Damn - I will be flying back from NYC on the 11th with a Christmas party that night. If anyone wants to do it again the next weekend I could / would be down.

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I am in

tentatively in, need to clear with the scheduling committee.

I want to be in. Do we have ideas on time? Might have some parental responsibilities to shirk.

1/2? Play until dark then pop into the cafe?

That would work, and no duties need be shirked… :+1:t3:

I’m in.

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I’m in