The Duck Club presents: The Tussle at Tarandowah (ON): 2022, June 24-25

I’m gutted but I have to WD from the Tussle due to member/guest szn.

I’ve been promising my brother in law for two years that he could play with me and our event is on that same Friday. Take lots of pics and post them!


We’d LOVE to have you! The course is great, and the company is wonderful. At least, most of us, there’s definitely a few geese in here somewhere.


You’re a goose!


Are there any provisions if those of us crossing from your southern border are no longer able to due to COVID restrictions/regulations?

Oh no, I’m not crossing the border with a musical instrument again! Not after the last time!

I was going north via bus, and Canadian immigration found my guitar in the hold. Once I identified myself as the owner, they made me get off the bus and interrogated me for 2 hours to make sure I wasn’t planning to play music in exchange for money (I was going to play with some friends from the internet.) The bus was PISSED at me for holding them up for so long.

I’m glad that Canadians are so protective of their music scene (otherwise we would never have had groups like Great Big Sea), but DANG!

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I might lose my citizenship for this, but Great Big Sea stinks.

Only one good song in The Chemical Worker’s Song.

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I don’t foresee any border restrictions, especially with an upcoming election. However should that change come June, I will gladly work to get you squared up.


“Boston and St. John” might be the finest long distance relationship song ever written, and “Sea of no cares” perfectly captures the feeling of falling head over heels in love. They’re not often all that deep, but they capture the feelings they aim for in beautiful and direct ways.


This event sounds like a lot of fun! @Renlibrarian and I will probably end up driving out/up a bit earlier because we will be on summer break (maybe Tuesday/Wednesday or so—it’s about an 8 hour drive).

Is there anything (besides golf) that is a must-do/see in the area? Or, alternatively, fun food locations?

I haven’t traveled anywhere, save visiting my parents and siblings, for a few years and have forgotten how to plan an actual fun trip (as opposed to a somewhat forced, albeit temporary, eviction for last summer).

Also, I would like to raise a toast to all the folks in here who are saying they aren’t very good, and would like to request the password to join the club.


One idea for you both, given the route you’ll be taking to drive down into SW Ontario, would be to stop in Niagara and do some winery tours and restaurants. The Restaurant at Pearl Morrissette and Redstone are both great.


I was about to send out the duck call, but as usual you’re on it!
@duncmitchell tagging you in too

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There are a few in that hdcp range, you’ll fit right in!

@noslenod nailed it with Niagara and wineries. Also worth looking into some of the Bruce Trail hiking if you’re into that (shoot me a DM if you’re interested in that. I’ve got a whack load of maps/info etc on that).


A Jays game in Toronto (the approximate halfway point of your journey) followed by a nice dinner and some live music would be a perfect way to acclimate to Canada in my opinion.


Phil and Tom covered most of the things along your route from CT. Wineries in Niagara are great, don’t forget to check out Niagara Falls from the Canadian side (way better than American), Jays game in Toronto would be fun (lots of other great things to do downtown Toronto if you have time), great restaurants everywhere - you can post here or in the Roll Call Ontario thread and someone can pin point you to something in the area you’ll be in.

Nothing much around Tarandowah, unfortunately it is kind of in the middle of no where. But great golf and friends can be expected!

Will second (third?) Phil’s recommendation on Niagara on the Lake. Also, and I have nothing to go on here, just a feeling, that you might be able to find some interesting farm options close to where we’re playing.

If you really wanted to extend your drive/trip you could cross at Syracuse and hit Kingston, Prince Edward County and Toronto on the way down.

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My cousin owns property in PEC; would highly recommend a visit to the area, great restaurants, breweries, etc.

Do we have a group chat going? I need to sort out accommodations and it would be nice to work on sharing rides etc (super happy to chip in but I hate driving rentals :joy:)


Hey all! Couple of updates regarding The Tussle!

Charity Silent Auction - 29Apr until 13May

Benefitting the Cardiology Department at SickKids. You can check here, for more information and to look at the items. Information is also on our website, and on our social media.
If you have any questions/concerns or if you would like to donate, please let @cfrench know.

Merch - Now Available until MAY 6

Tussle at Tarandowah 2022 | Team Outfitters - CAD | powered by OrderMyGear (
Payment will work exactly like it would through any other online shop. Your items will be bagged and tagged for pickup at The Tussle. IF you want to purchase and can not make it to The Tussle, please do not hesitate to reach out prior to ordering and we will help coordinate shipping/delivery for you!

The Golf

Running June 24 & 25, the tournament includes 54 holes, 3 meal tickets and of course a tee gift. Round 1 will begin around noon on the 24th and if you haven’t already booked accommodations, there is a discount and a block of rooms at The Comfort Inn in nearby Ingersoll.


Registration deadline will be May 20, 2022 midnight via OUR WEBSITE

Registration fees ($245.00) are due May 27, 2022. Ask @cfrench for payment details.