The Donnybrook: Airports, Parties, Golf. Let's Gooooooo

Donnybrook Registration Page

Donnybrook (noun): A scene of uproar and disorder. “It was a raucous ideological donnybrook.”

After a phenomenal 2019 event a Pinehurst, we are excited to return to Donny’s place for a 2020 NLU event! Due to weddings and babies, Neil, Randy, and DJ will be hosting 28 members of the NLU communty this year for a fun 3 team event across 3 courses at Pinehurst resort. Join the Strapped boys (and the NARC) as they live large at the Cradle of American Golf!

Registration Process:

  • If you are interested in joining us at Pinehurst this October, please register for the event on this page
  • Your registration will be pending (no payment collected), and due to limited space, we will be prioritizing Nest members, and specifically, Nest members that were NOT selected in the random lottery for Sweetens Cove Super Regional
  • If we have more than 28 people that fit this criteria, we will select the 28 attendees via a randomized lottery next Wednesday Night, July 1st
  • Volume of interest from Nest members will determine if we open up registration to the wider Refuge community early next week.
  • Once we have the list of 28 attendees, we will email instructions to these attendees to book directly with Pinehurst Resort
  • We will also create a waitlist if we have late cancellations
  • If you need to join the nest, you can do so here

Event Details:

  • Date: Oct. 8th-10th
  • Courses included: Pinehurst #4, Pinehurst #2, and The Cradle
  • Accomodations: 3 nights at the Carolina Inn
  • Meals: 2 full breakfasts and 1 dinner included
  • NIT qualification spots are available!

Price: $1,450 double occupancy | $1,755 single occupancy

Event Schedule:
Thursday, October 8

  • Welcome Cocktail Hour

Friday, October 9

  • Breakfast at Carolina Hotel
  • Pinehurst No. 4 tee times
  • The Cradle

Saturday, October 10

  • Breakfast at Carolina Hotel
  • Live podcast with special guests of honor
  • Pinehurst No. 2 tee times
  • Wrap Up Dinner

Sunday, October 11

  • Departures

It looks like the answer is probably “no”, but is there a way for local folks to participate without paying the full resort stay cost?

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Boom. Registered let’s goooo!



Probably gonna be driving down but want another shot at #2. LFG

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Boom. Hope this lottery works more in my favor than the last one…

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Man that sounds like one solid trip. Might have to take the plunge and explain the finances to the wife later.


Fuck it everything else is cancelled this year, lets go! Who’s interested in double occ if we get in :sunglasses:


Boom, looking forward to this event!

As an attendee off the first annual Donnybrook last year, I can’t recommend this trip enough. It was an absolute blast.

You’ll have time to play the Cradle multiple other times than what is shown here, and putting on Thistle Dhu with a cold beer in hand is as fun as it gets.

Also, very glad to see the itinerary has been swapped so you will play No. 4 first on Friday…getting absolutely blitzed at the “cocktail hour” and then playing one of the best golf courses in the world at 7am the next day is NOT recommended.

So wish I could join for this go around!


Also, highly recommend registering under double occupancy and just finding someone that also gets picked to room with.

Had the pleasure of rooming with @Double_Bogey_Dave last year, and two adult dudes who had never met rooming together couldn’t have been less awkward.


Let’s say someone was interested who had to cross a border that may or may not be open come October- what’s the cancellation if that person gets a spot?


We will be very flexible with this type of cancellation. Feel free to register with peace of mind!


Great move having #4 as the first course. We were (or at least I was) too hungover on #2 the first morning.


Registered! Interested in double occupancy if fortunate enough to get in.

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Just signed up, had too much fun yesterday at Jax Beach to miss out on this.


If I get in we’re playing Tobacco Road either Thursday or Sunday. This is not a question.


Was there a spot to mark our preference for double occupancy?


I didn’t see it. I think that may be worked out after the lottery.

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