The Bayou Bracket: HTX Match Play (Houston,TX); Ongoing

The Refugees from Houston proudly present The Bayou Bracket.

Starting this thread so HTX Match Play discussion is easily accessible.

Deadline: Finish Pool Play Matches by 12/31/2021.

Announcements: Be on the look out for polls regarding buy-ins and a time when all the pods can play together (and possibly have some cold domestics).

The Rules (so far):

  • Points: Accrued on a Nassau Basis (front, back, 18): Win=2; Halve=1; Loss=0
  • Strokes: Work it out based on your respective GHINs; or use your best judgment and don’t be a scumbag (UYBJDBAS). Straight-up matches are allowed by agreement.
  • Venue: Pool Play: Work it out amongst yourselves and UYBJDBAS. Neutral will likely be better as some people live a ways away. Bracket Play: Higher seed chooses.
  • Penalties: By popular demand, everything is lateral regardless of local rules. Big time UYBJDBAS.
  • Tees: General rule is the one-ups, but can be modified by agreement. Please be considerate of short hitters.
  • Bracket Play: Top two players in each pool make the single-elimination bracket. Tie breaker is head-to-head result from pool play. Second tie breaker is 9-hole grudge match. Players will be seeded based on points accrued in pool play.

HTX Match Play Buy-In Poll

  • No buy-in, side action only
  • $20
  • $50
  • More than $50

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Best Weekend to Get Multiple Pools Together for Some Golf

  • Oct. 9 or 10
  • Oct. 16 or 17
  • Oct. 23 or 24
  • Oct. 30 or 31
  • Nov. 6 or 7
  • Nov. 13 or 14
  • Nov. 20 or 21
  • Dec. 4 or 5
  • Dec. 11 or 12
  • Dec. 18 or 19

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Inner Loopers Bracket has an tee time Sunday at Golf Club of Houston at 2:10 with an extra spot if anyone wants to join and witness the battle.

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Gonna be honest, I had no idea the pods were already set! I can’t this weekend, but I guess we need to get going on the NASA pool.

What say you @Stelske, @TheBoyFromBerwyn, @the_korn_ferry?

I’ll set up a private chat for our Pod so we can coordinate the pool play.


My bad. Pods are up on the spreadsheet!

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@TigersWoods @Darikashi @tf1290 shoot me a message and I’ll get a group chat going as well.

The Inaugural Ceremonial First Match was played today by the Innerloopers pod (video to follow).

Since there were three off us, we played our matches Mexican stand-off style. Results ensued.

@ebitduh v. @anotherballromes: a 6-0 clean sweep for @anotherballromes
@ebitduh .v @desperateunder105: 3-3 all square, all around.
@anotherballromes v. @desperateunder105 : another 3-3 all square, all around.


I won’t be taking questions at this time

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Here is the inaugural shot by @desperateunder105 to kick off the Bayou Match play. We had a couple of hard fought ties out there.
Not sure if I am just bad at technology, but it wouldn’t let me post the video and had to convert it to a gif.

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Added my name to the list of alternates. Looks like @rrundle14 and I will have to throw down in the battle of the alternates!

Didn’t even think about the 3 way match. Could be very useful to get all the golf in.

Hey guys - this is an awesome idea. Fellow Lifelong Houstonian here and am a lurker who tends to not post a lot. I wish I could participate this year / add my name to the alternate list, but just hurt my knee, so will be looking out for this next year. Good luck to you all and hope to get out with some of you in the future.



Any matches happening this weekend?

We’ve got enough alternates for a fifth pool. If @rrundle14 @jsavoie88 @bonesjones8197 @jvanvalen are still in, I’ll add your pod to the sheet. Play-in rules will also be adjusted to account for the additional guis.

I’m in!

Side newb question: what is UYBJDBAS?

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Use your best judgement and don’t be a scumbag

  • Tron

I’m in.

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The “Katy Freeway” crew got some matches in yesterday down at Clear Creek, a central location for all us western folk :sweat_smile:
Bunch of really strong matches and inspired by @desperateunder105 we went with the 3 way standoff approach. @Drewski was a menace all day on the par 5’s playing them in 3 under and @chunk is just so solid hardly ever giving a hole away. Points are updated in the spreadsheet.

  • Chunk v Drewski: A/S Tied
  • Jsteve15 v Chunk: 1 Up (Jsteve15)
  • Drewski v Jsteve15: 2 & 1 (Drewski)

As this year’s captain I’m looking forward to building out a strong team for Houston this year. Would love to see some of y’all sign up