The 4th Burban Up In Smoke (Salem Lakes, WI): April 20th - Sign up Post 821

Speaking of signs, can I still sign up? If not I will probably be in the market for an airhorn and some camo.

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Get in the spreadsheet, never too late.

Looked at some pics of Spring Valley last night on Instagram and I’m pretty psyched for this event now. It’s a clear Langford and Moreau just from looking at it. Will be cool to play this and Kankakee Elks so close together. Both events start and end my spring break.

Plus, during the week of break I’ll be down in Peoria probably playing all three Strapped courses! That is, if all this f’n snow melts.


Idk…that line after the last signee is very bold.

I grew up on the other side of the border from SV. Last time I played there I saw 4 former classmates who were hammered drunk and told me not to come near them because they all had COVID. They had a post game beer in the clubhouse.

Not at all surprised. The course attracts an unfortunate crowd.

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Sounds like a modern day chicken pox party if I’d ever heard of one.

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eastbound-down golf

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Anyone wanna play Spring Valley if the place is open Sunday?

I emailed them an updated count yesterday and asked about opening. Haven’t heard back yet, I’ll drive past tomorrow if I got to the office.

I’ll report back.


I am not against it. Does anyone know the state of the snow/mud there?

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Just called there. Still gotta clear off “3-4 greens” and are “30-40% covered” per the guy on the other end. They expect to be open Saturday and Sunday and will be taking tee times Thursday morning. I’ll play there around 9-10am Sunday if anyone’s game.

Change of plan for me Sunday - I found a $10 spot as a single out at Buffalo Grove. I need a practice round before I go bring my game in front of people.


You mean people you know…


More or less. Pencil me in for Spring Valley next Saturday or Sunday though, whichever date works best for the most people.

Good news: I have my COVID vaccine!

The “bad” news: We can get together with my family for Easter, which is happening on Saturday the 3rd, so I am out of the Rumspringa. I was really looking forward to it, but I’m sure there will be more events this season.

Have fun everybody!


Had some free time this weekend to work on a scorecard mockup. I’m going to see if I can get some quality paper and test print a few at work and see how they come out.

(anyone know how to get the green light on the NLU logo?)


Holy crap man, well done.

Let me know how the test run goes, I can run them off at work.

I think the logo use is just a TC Way kinda thing.

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Over in the March Mudness thread it was mentioned they just sent it directly to the NLU folks. Guessing they can hook you up with a source file to use. Looks great!

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I’ve had some change in plans and have to drive out to Minneapolis on the 3rd so I need to bow out of this outing, unfortunately. Hope everyone who does get to play has a great time!

Kinda far out here but weather looking decent (above freezing, no rain). Looking forward to this. Are we gonna play a game of any kind? If so I recommend 18 Birdies use. Free live scoring, did it for gross/net stroke play at Cog Hill and damn did it make me feel like a pro to see my name on a leaderboard. It also has stableford gross/net.

EDIT: double checked the app. The only games it offers are stroke play and stableford with net/gross for both. We could have a $20 buy in per guy, I did winner take all stroke play for Cog with 15%ish going to gross since only that percentage of the total field could actually make a run at it. I’m not good at math but someone else could sit down and look at the numbers of attendees and potential payouts if we wanna have different amounts for like first second third.