The 2023 Nest Invitational Tournament - Long Live The King!

Let’s get this party started early!

Hopefully, all of you are subscribed to the Newsletter and have seen the announcement for the 2023 Nest Invitational Tournament.

There will be a LOT more information coming out as we get closer, however, I want to communicate a few things now for planning purposes.

Date: November 2-4, 2023
Location: Fields Ranch - Omni PGA Frisco

Fun Video of the Property


  • We will begin sending out an information packet to qualifiers with a form to RSVP in the next few months and will update everyone here when those go out.

  • Formal Invitations to register will go out following a YES response in the form.

  • Accommodations will be handled directly through the hotel via a link you’ll receive in your formal invite. I’ve negotiated an extended hotel block agreement to allow qualifiers more time to find a roommate up until October 3rd.

  • Should you qualify, plan on arriving by mid-day on Thursday and depart anytime on Sunday (I believe check-out is at 11:00 am)

  • Spouses/friends/signifiant others unfortunately will not be included in the program functions this year.

Good luck to all of you out there trying to qualify - This will be one heck of a year to do so!


Last year was an awesome experience for me to see the community alive and well, in person. A golf event unlike any other. Good to look to all my fellow nesticles trying to make it to this event! It seems like an incredible year and venue to be at the first NIT away from Jax Beach. Lets goooo


Thank you for not linking the film room of me on the east course. I appreciate you…

And my putting has drastically improved.


Huuuuge missed opportunity on my end. I’ll do better. :heart_hands:


Speaking of qualifying we have an open spot at Abandoned Dudes!


How you went from utterly dominating Bandon 2022 (what was it, like 8 3’s in a row between Dunes and Trails) to utter despair is truly tragic.


A LOT to unpack here.

We returned from Tourist Sauce filming the 2nd week of August. I played 2 rounds during TS. We started moving to Texas the day I returned. From Aug to Dec last year I played 4 rounds of golf. 3 of them were filmed. I did not practice at all. I say all of this because I am usually a range rat. I love hitting balls and working on my short game. I didn’t do that last fall because I wanted to make sure the family was settled. And I am okay with that.


It’s always something like that. I’m definitely in a reaping what you sow situation over here. Really haven’t been practicing putting over the past 2 months (Seattle winter was tough this year). Getting back after it with you :handshake:

A proactive thank you to you, @Privatecollection as no matter how many times it’s said it can’t be enough.

Making this trip is one of my goals for the year.

Been working hard and hope to bring all together!

Lets go!


I need to get better at golf, stat. Sounds like slots are limited this year and I really want to go. Lol


Texas has great options for all of the topics that threads devolve into so I’m looking forward to the rational debate that typically ensues

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Not only do I need to get better at golf, I need to find more opportunities to attempt to qualify.

Right now, all I’m booked for is The Extinction.


Thank goodness, the Jax Beach event has been so windy the past 2 years.


You crossing the border on June 3rd? We have spots open in our Major Mayhem event just outside of vancouver.

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I’ll confirm with my wife. Please shoot me the details!


When will information come out about the qualifiers?

Hey @NicElliott14 ! The events page is here . This has all the current events acknowledged to have NIT qualifier slots available. A lot of them are hosted through the collections of Roosts, but a few of the NLU sponsored events are on there as well. Each event likely has a thread on the refuge as well if you search for it by name etc.




The wind was not the issue in 2021 haha


Settle in, kids. Let me tell you about North Texas.