Thank You to the Refuge

This is long over due. Last year I had an accident not long after meeting some of you excellent people at Maxamania. It was a great afternoon that I was bragging about to my friends for weeks afterwards. I was lucky enough to have Craig reach out and help my friends to spread the word in this community. Thank you Craig.

This is one of those weird moments. I have a hard time talking about myself, and an even harder time recognizing where I am at today versus a year ago, but man is it a difference. I went from barely being able to use my hands to now fully upright in a manual chair with full functionality in my fingers. I had the best care in Chicago and have recently moved back to Detroit to be around my extended family again. I have been speaking with and meeting people that are actually “GROWING THE GAME” ™ with their work. I will golf poorly again.

I’m rambling. The point is to say thank you to all that donated last year and to say that even though I wont be the player I never was, I still can’t wait to pretend I was better on this board with out the usage of my body from my chest down.

-the no longer smoking HEATER (s)


Fantastic news, keep up the fight!

And kudos to Craigers


Great to hear from you! So happy to hear things are going in the right direction @heater!


Incredible news, @heater. Thank you for the update!


Welcome back @heater !! Glad to see this update from ya.


Dammit. Was not at Maxamania, but shit, reading this feels like finding out Tiger crashed after the Genesis.

What a comeback. Keep after it. Stick around. Play golf. Grow the game. Fuck shit up and keep on fighting. Can’t wait to hear about your new golf journeys in Detroit and beyond.



Except Tiger was on painkillers and is lucky he didn’t kill others, let alone himself. Tiger is a piece of shit


I only drop in here on rare occasion Kevin but captured a little bit of magic from you in your post. Sounds like you are on a helluva journey and while I don’t know you personally, I think “I will golf poorly again” is brilliant and universal and caught me in a moment. I love it.


Kevin, It was great playing with you at Max. I know we’ve texted a few times, but I’m glad to hear you’re working your way back to the game.

For those that weren’t at Max I or remember, Kevin signed up for the Refuge a day prior to the event, not knowing anyone. Rolls up to Rackham with a cooler full of community beer for the event. Straight class act!

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