Team Taco vs. Team Burrito Event - 9/17 at Goose Creek!

The lines have been drawn, either you are Team Taco or Burrito. Watch this space as we working on a ryder cup style event for October where only one side will prevail. Anyone who is on Team Torta will need to choose a side.

Which team are you?

  • Team Taco
  • Team Burrito

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Also we need people to help design a logo we can use on shirts and some stickers - anyone game?

Looking at San Clemente Golf Course!

What do you think of our logo?



Not happening at San Clemente @alightpainter is working on the final logisitics and looking to have in Sept or early Oct.

It’s official. Team tacos vs team burritos in an 18 hole Ryder cup event at Goose Creek Golf Course on sept 17.

Sign up here.

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Tshirts for players and people who want to order. Deadline is end of August


C’mon refugees! Let’s get the SoCal debate settled (at least for this year). Which team do you want to represent?


@Randy We promise to be hitting cups at this event, which team do you want to play for. Just a short flight from Denver!

Here are the results by group

Team Burrito took the win 12-8 with Andy Foster closing out Andrew Mac on 17 green 2 up.

Fun day all around and thanks for coming out.

Here are some group photos from the event!

Whole group who showed up on time

Team Burrito

Team Taco (perhaps why they lost 8-12 was cause they showed up late)

Each group on the 18th green

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