Sweetens Siege III: August 23-24, 2024 Signup in Post 977

Some of you may be aware of the legend of the Sweetens Siege. In August, some 30+ members of the Refuge discovered they all had passes for the same day at Sweetens. Instead of just saying “cool,” we obviously decided to take it upon ourselves to bitch hard enough to get an NIT spot, come up with a logo, have a mini beer exchange, and make stickers.

Well, it was so much fun, we decided to do it again.

The Committee of the Inaugural Sweetens Siege (myself, @westerj12, and @Douger23) would like to personally invite you to what will be Sweetens Siege II: Electric Boogaloo.

Same-ish time, same place.

Since we have a bit of a headstart this year instead of all of us magically deciding we’re going to get passes for one Saturday and discovering it 6 months later, we’re going to do it a bit more official this go round. I’ve already been in touch with Adamski and we are going to have the course for Saturday, August 12, 2023.

The Committee is working on price but we are looking in the range of $300-350. With that we won’t just get golf on Saturday. Here is what that price point will get you and what we’re planning as a rough timeline:

  • Friday Afternoon: 18 at Brainerd, Chattanooga’s local Ross muni
  • Friday Night: Cold beers at a local Chattanooga haunt (see: brewery) and working on either a BBQ caterer to come in or have the brewery provide.
  • Saturday: Golf your tits off at Sweetens. Since we somehow fell ass backwards into an NIT spot this year I am hopeful @Double_Bogey_Dave will bless us with at least one for next year. Also hoping to work out a deal with the brewery from the previous night to provide some beers for the course.
  • Saturday lunch: We need to #SupportLocal so we’re going to work on one of the food trucks (likely taco) to come for an hour and a half or so.
  • A wonderful tee gift from the Merch Jester.
  • A donation to a charity to be named later

As I said, we’re working on cost, so bear with us if it goes up a nominal amount, but all of that above will be included. Obviously as time goes on, we’ll have more details regarding logo, merch, raffle, beers, and deposit.

As most of you know, Sweetens limits the amount of people on the course on one day, so we are obviously limited by that. Because of that, we have to limit it to 40. This is the Refuge, so people are sure to sign up and back out so add your name to the bottom and you stand a good chance of moving up.




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And it’s full. :joy:


Get Lil Mama’s to cater dinner on Friday and I might be into this.

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It’s fun to watch so many different fake animal avatars editing a spreadsheet at the same time.


Well that was quick…



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I know this is tough because of numbers. But what about a +1 from the outside? Only reason I’m asking is because it’s about a 9 hour drive for me and would be nice to not do it alone again. Totally get how that can cause issues, so not upset if it can’t happen. Just thought it was worth the ask.

And people are going to actually show up to this one.


Feel free to put them down. If they make it off the list with you, no problem with them being in


Well. I WAS tracking this thread to decide if I could pull it off or not. Looks like that’ll be a “no”.

Great work setting this up @EZmiss and @westerj12!


I should have probably discussed this with my wife before announcing it. @rramsbo if you mention this over the next 48 hours you are being removed.


@EZmiss fills up an event before letting his own roost know. this is bullcrap.


No good deed goes unpunished :rofl:

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This had to be done above board. I wanted no allegations of favoritism towards the @PalmettoGolfSociety because we are honorable. If there were allegations it was clearly going to be against the already brawling Flighters and Cottoners


And @Douger23…don’t want to forget him haha

Safest place on the signup is the alternates list


He told TPC about it weeks ago. Texted all of us personally that he was posting today. Hate to see a defector of the cannon crew.