Sutton Coldfield

Saw there’s a NLU event at Sutton Coldfield this July wondered how I get to be a part of this event???

Paging @Jon … that looks to be the RACDG GB&I Roost event

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Thanks. Drop me a message on 07967833617 and I’ll explain.

Just picked up that there is an event in Sutton Coldfield. Can I get some more details please?

Hi Jon

It’s at Sutton Coldfield Golf Club on Friday July 14th. We’re down to a reserve list now. Drop me a message and I’ll explain more about the day and what else we’ve got going on over here.


Jon, I will be in Scotland mid April and will call with my uk mobile number could you add me to the reserve list in the mean time???

Done! You’re reserve #11 at the moment. The club only gave us 24 spots, but I’ll see if I can get a few more tee times.

Drop me a message in April. Will be able to hook you up with the locals in the RACDG if you wish.

Hi Jon. I’d like to text you, also, so just to let you know I’m legit when the text comes through.

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Thanks saw your message will get in touch soon.
not sure why what’s app is so popular there most people here haven’t even heard of it … I had to use it recently for communication and personally it’s such a shit platform but hey each to their own

Yep, fair enough. I’m not sure why guns are popular over there!

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It’s the immediacy of WhatsApp which makes it popular here. We’ve tried Discord and it was fine, but there wasn’t anything like the same interaction as via WhatsApp. Now they’ve introduced Communities to tie together our 43 groups, it’s a bit less messy. Works well for us!

Sutton Coldfield gave us one more tee time, so I’m working my way down the reserve list.

Hi Jon, would appreciate it if you could put me down as a reserve for Sutton Coldfield! I’m not too far from there at all. Cheers

Hey Josh. Will do - what’s your surname?

Also, drop me a message on 07967833617 if you want to get involved with the other meets etc.

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Cheers Jon! Just messaged you.