STROHs presents Sixers on Ice - Jan 20-21, 2023, New Braunfels, TX

Wanted to invite the wider Roost community to a fun event that the Stroh’s are trying out for the first time this year. Part of the benefit of being this far south is that we can (usually) play golf all year, even if the weather turns a bit chilly. Plus, we all like to drink beer. So we’re gonna play six different six-hole match-play matches with some six packs of beer, and hopefully it’s cold enough that both the golfers and the beer are on ice.

Dates: Friday Jan 20th (11am tee time) and Saturday Jan 21st (11am tee time)
Location: Landa Park Golf Course, adjacent to the Schlitterbahn resort in New Braunfels, TX (MAP)
Format: Six different six-hole matches, net match play. We’ll group you into two different foursomes over the two rounds, and you’ll play each person in your foursome for six holes. Point for a win, half point for a tie, six points max total per person. Winner takes home a trophy, and highest-finishing Stroh’s member is one of our Roost qualifiers.
Cost: $20 to me to register, tee times paid for directly to the proshop each day. Money serves to hold your spot, covers food on Friday, covers the prizes, and the remainder will go to a charitable donation. We also encourage personal donations over the two rounds. Birdie challenges, double bogey challenges, and the like.
To Register: DM me.

At the moment, we’ve got 5 open spots (20 total players, keeping it small in year 1), and I suspect we’ll need one or two off of the waitlist (just how these things go). I also have a large condo booked (sleeps 10 in beds with room for air mattresses), and there are cheap condos available at the same resort. We’re gonna do a big group dinner on Friday night.

Come one, come all. Flights into Austin are cheap, and it’s only about a ~25 minute ride from the airport. If someone wants to come in from that far out of town, I’ll either pick you up at the airport, or personally cover your uber to and from :).

I know the @BigPlex folks have an event in Ft. Worth that same week (the Icebowl is fun AF, go check that out too), but would love to see any of them or @TheSupercell since you guys are our regional roost competitors, but truly, open to everyone.

@STROHS last year donated to the Austin Firefighters Relief and Outreach Fund (, which is near and dear to my heart as my wife is a firefighter. Afrof is basically AFLAC for firefighters - there’s a ton that workers comp doesn’t cover if you get hurt or sick, and this charity is structured to be able to literally just write a check to the family of a firefighter. Stroh’s haven’t decided if afrof is the '23 recipient, but if it’s not them it’ll be someone equally deserving.

Come join us for a fun event at a really fun golf course.


@desperateunder105 checking in on your Sixers registration … you’re on the list but haven’t paid. That situation is totally fine, just wanted to see if I could answer any questions.

We also have our first out-of-town player - @jthomp from snowy Colorado is going to join us for some winter golf.

Got at least 4 more spots for anyone else interested.

I’d love to join @jthomp down there for some winter golf. I’ll message you.

@MangoDave I think you registered, but I didn’t get a DM. Hit me up so I can confirm a few things?

Man oh man what a fantastic weekend. At the risk of being slightly over-dramatic, that was fucking amazing.

First, the event. 36 holes divided into 6 different 6-hole matches, with a point available on every single hole (plus a kicker point for winning a match) made for intense golf. Every hole counts, but with the shorter match-length, you don’t have much time to recover if things go south. But when things DO go south, even if you lose a match, you gotta keep playing to scrape out a few points on those last holes. We’ve never tried the format before, and to a player, everyone enjoyed it.

Second, the course. Landa Park in New Braunfels, TX is a true hidden gem. For many years, it was just the place that dads went to play golf while the kids went to Schlitterbahn (big water park). But they’ve hired a world-class superintendent, re-done several holes plus the clubhouse, and now have a 6,300 yard GEM of a match play course. With greens that were running about 10.5 both days. You just don’t find that sort of value. To quote @jthomp “I checked the price and location and was convinced I was coming to a crap hole. But that was AMAZING.”

Lastly, the people. MASSIVE kudos to jthomp, @Preston, and @redbeard_golf from the Rocky Mountain Rollers (colorado roost) for making the trip down to join the Stroh’s for the inaugural event. These guys were so much fun, @Iceman booked a trip from the course restaurant on the second day to go play in Colorado with them. The Stroh’s group really turned out in force for the first full-field event of the season, and we filled 20 spots on the tee sheet, plus threw a hell of an indoor bbq-dinner-slash-wedge-competition-slash-6/5/4-game on Friday night. All with no one getting hurt, going to jail, or missing their tee time on Day 2.

In the end, Iceman was our second place finisher at 28 points, and @anotherballromes was the Sixers On Ice '22 winner at 29.5 points (he’s also our first Roost regional qualifier for the season). Interestingly, the point system worked REALLY well, as the top four finishers in points all went 5-0-1 in their individual matches, but we had clear 1st-2nd-3rd-4th based on points. While we all love a good horserace playoff, not having a tie was much easier on us at a public course!

Perhaps most importantly, in the FIRST year of this event, with a relatively small field size of only 20 players, and keeping total golf + lodging + registration costs to a TOTAL of $170, we raised $456 for the Austin Firefighters Relief and Outreach Fund (!

The planning committee just wrapped up the after action report Zoom call, and we’ve got some ideas to make next year even better. The bones of this event will remain exactly the same - Landa Park golf course in January 2024, six six-hole matches, point per hole. We’re just gonna go BIGGER. Bigger prizes, bigger fundraisers and donations, and a bigger field - target next year is 40 players and $1,000 donated!

You northern Roosts, mark your calendar. Grab a flight to Austin and come play real golf outside and not on a simulator with awesome people at an awesome track for an awesome value. Even better, the plan is for this to be the Stroh’s Major next year, so there’s an NIT spot on the line as well. If you’re lucky, Iceman will book a trip back out to play with your Roost when the snow melts!

Edit to include pictures of the winners!

First place - @anotherballromes !

Second place - @Iceman


@Double_Bogey_Dave and @sundaybag I think this really fulfilled the goals of the Refuge this year. Need to get you guys and/or the Texas crew (@Cody ) down to New Braunfels next year to join us. @Privatecollection we told Jake, Preston and BK to make sure you knew how good a job we did :).


Final leaderboard. Credit @RMcCall for the calligraphy and scorekeeping all week!

@tx_southpaw shows us how the lefties chip, while @HellerHighwater and @chitwood judge.

Unofficial official mascot, and old Stroh’s beer christmas inflatable holding a six-pack. I couldn’t NOT buy it on ebay when I saw it. He rode with me both days.

jthomp doesn’t have a bad side; every pic we took of him is just as good as this one.

Damn right Stroh’s is spoken here.

Lastly, to quote @HellerHighwater, “leave the place better than you found it,” always send a thank you note to the course. Landa Park staff were AMAZING to deal with, and again, I can’t begin to describe how good the greens were.