Stroh's Match Play - Dormie Szn: Open Player Pool

The STROHs Match Play Championship is back!

We had some legendary matches go down (many with live discord commentary) this past year, several of which went to the wire with birdies at the last. Congrats again to Josh Donelson, our 2023 Match Play Champion who etched out a relative new comer and steam roller of a player, Austin McDowell. Both represented the Strohs well at Dornick Hills in the Roost Regional in late July.

After much reflection, the initial grouping of pods seems to have become a barrier and not the booster from which it was intended. This year, we compete in an open-season player pool in lieu of past years regional pod play prior to bracket play. In addition to traditional singles matches, the match play championship will also be open to Fourball (best ball) matches prior to bracket play. All matches played will earn points. The top 12 points earners in the match play pool during the open season will be seeded for bracket play late spring.

2 points for playing

2 additional (kicker) points to players for any match victory

1 point to players halving (tied) their match

The only stipulation: No Replays of matches.

One and Done.

Winner of bracket play will be crowned champion of the Stroh’s 2024 Match Play Championship and earns a coveted spot on the Strohs Roost Regional team competing against “The Plex” (DFW/North Texas Roost) and the “Super Cell” (Oklahoma) Roost. The 2024 R6 Roost Regional will be hosted by the Plex Roost (July 2024, Venue: TBD). The runner-up of the match play championship will be an automatic 1st alternate on the Roost Regional Team.

Lastly, we humbly seek a $25 entry fee into the match play open season. Players will receive a Strohs Match Play caddie towel with the remainder of entry funds going to charity.

  • Players may sign up to enter match play pool at any time
  • Entry for for the Match Play Pool is $25 paid to A. Alaniz - 23, ‘24 Match Play Czar)
  • Set up and play your matches in individual and/or fourball games
  • One and Done, you cannot replay an individual match pairing or replay the same four ball match. However four ball pairs can play many matches together.
  • Singles matches = 2 point + 2 point for winner
  • Fourball matches = 2 point per player + 2 point per player to winners
  • Any match halved (“tied”) will be given 1 kicker point per player
  • Top 12 points leaders are seeded for bracket play (top 4 points leaders = round 1 byes)
  • Entries will have the option to upload their preferred playing schedule and courses to give the pool more visibility and playing options
  • Utilize muny tour and stroh meet up play days to maximize match play point opportunities

SIGN UP LINK 23-24 STROHs Match Champ 'Open Szn' - Google Sheets

Calculating Match Points
Match example:

One group for an 18-hole match played

Alaniz 1up v Mujahid = Alaniz 4 Pts / Mujahid 2 Pts

Alaniz/Heller 2&1 v Mujahid Shields = Alaniz 4 Pts, Heller 4 Pts / Mujahid 2 Pts, Shields 2 Pts

Shields v Heller Tied (halved) = 3 points each
Shields 1up v Mujahid = Shields 4 points Mujahid 2 points

Points notes cont.

Alaniz and Mujahid could play more Fourball pairings together and earn points. A new match VS Heller/Donelson or Heller/Brooks are still open.

Replays of individual matches or the exact VS grouping in Fourball will not earn points.

Additionally, in the above players example, two more Fourball matches could be configured.

e.g.; Alaniz/Shields and Alaniz/Mujahid

Match Scoring
All matches will be net scoring using calculated course handicaps as of the day of the match played. Players will mutually agree on tees to be played; players do not have to play the same tees, please be sure to re-calculate handicaps for each player from the correct set of respective tees. Matches must be a minimum of 9 holes and played within the USGA rules.

All matches until the finals will be played remotely, at any course amenable to players.

Requirements for posting an official Stroh’s Match Play round are:

  • Schedule your match directly with your opponent
  • Follow all the Rules of Golf for Match Play during the round (no mulligans, etc.)
  • Report the winner, margin of victory, course and tees played, and handicaps from that day to the Match Play Scoring Committee
  • Send Picture of a signed scorecard and an additional pic with you and the other refugees (with names and handles please)
    • Content is king! - goes on message boards, instagrams, website.


The final four matches will be played as a part of a Roost gathering in May.

The winner of the Match Play event will be one of four STROHs Roost Regional qualifiers to the North Texas regional qualifying event.

The match play runner-up will become 1st alternate to the Roost Regional. Pay attention, this alternate spot was used last year.

Dates for Match Play

Registration opens: September, 2023

Registration closes: March, 2024

Bracket Play Begins after the drive down Magnolia Lane

Play starts: September, 2023

Roost Gathering and Match Play Finals: (TBD expect early-mid June)