Strapped - Peoria

If I ever win the lottery I’m buying one of those sprinter vans and converting into a 4 man golf wagon, pimped out with lockers and a card table and ish.


Same! My golf crew includes a world-class antique picker and we were sick of him sticking old hand tools in the minivan. Had a rental all lined up to take to the UP before COVID altered our trip.


I feel like @Randy would just set up shop for a day at One World. Definitely his vibe in there.

Other wish list items for Peoria - hoping to see how the big guy measures up to the huge Caterpillar truck at the museum (if it’s open).

And if anyone hits the megabonus, will they go to the “World Famous” venue to celebrate?


The reference of Avanti’s and La Gondola are next level. I LOVE La Gondola and go there every time I visit my parents. Of course, my wife went with me the first time, and refuses to go back. I guess it’s an acquired taste.


Deep cut there…

If you didn’t follow Strapped how would you think Neil and Randy are associated?



Brings back some memories


Eccentric musician and his tour manager (always around to keep things from getting off the rails)


I was thinking a Jackass style Youtube star and his accountant


Beat me to it.

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Came here to say white rapper who hit it big too young and his overbearing dad


Randy looks like a parent who was called into the principal’s office to answer for his son’s activities.

Look, I have no idea where Neil would have gotten ahold of German pornography. But you and I are mature adults; we’ve both seen our share of pornographic materials. Oh, you never have? Of course you haven’t, how stupid of me. Neither have I. I was just speaking in generalities.”


Or a dad at an awkward dinner to meet his daughter’s new boyfriend

No dad. His artisanal weed business is going to take off and I don’t care what you say I love him. Also can you loan us $25,000?


Not sure what it means, but in the 1970s, a Saturday morning PSA on ABC (Schoolhouse Rock-like) managed to predict the two most recent Strapped locations. What does this mean?

Randy is the personal assistant to Neil, who’s currently touring the country capitalizing on his 15-minutes of fame after he fell in an enclosure at an Alabama zoo and single handedly fought off a black bear, going viral on YouTube.

Neil - “My uncle wrestled bears semi-professionally back in the 80’s. He taught me to look ‘em in the eye as a sign of respect. And then that’s when you kick ‘em in the nuts.”


Will be curious if they do stroll Donovan because you can still follow some of the routing and see the “bones” after the city shut it down and turned it into a park. Was the course I grew up on. Growing up I thought it was just blah and “why does dad always want to play here?” Then looking back now that I know more about golf and course layout, it was a pretty damn good layout. Don’t always appreciate what you have until it’s gone kinda thing.

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Donovan was a fun track, proper muni golf.

The photographer that did our family photos a few years back asked us to do them in the “park” that’s now there. Seeing all the routing still there but everything overgrown made me quite sad.


This looks like a classic case of two college roommates where one of them pledges a fraternity and the other gets really into Widespread Panic but they still remain best friends.


Neil is competing in the All-Central Illinois Karate Tournament and Randy is his manager/guardian tasked with making sure he makes it to the competition on time.


Indie rapper and his agent.