St. Rappeo's Day - Forest Park, Baltimore

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Charm City Collective (Baltimore Area Roost) is kicking off the 2024 season at the site of the most infamous collapse in the history of Strapped. (Sorry, Neil)

We have 10 tee times between 8 and 9:30 on March 16.


Stableford Quota. (36 points - 90% of course handicap) - Points awarded by Gross Score on each hole.

Event fee is $40 which covers greens fees, prizes, and a donation to the First Tee of Baltimore.

Sign up at the link below.


Sorry, a quick question, not related to the event, which sounds fun, TBF…

Did ya’ll just change the name to your new roost? Weren’t ya’ll called Hamsterdam?

We were. Believe it or not, Hamsterdam already exists as a Maryland State Golf Association Type 2 club and the founder is here in the nest with us.

So instead of engaging in a turf war we did not.


YARN | You disappoint me, my friend. | Seinfeld (1989 ...


Some of us may be back channeling behind the captains back to start a turf war.