Splash of OJ Roost Event - THE TILT @ the WP9 (Winter Park, FL): 2022, April 23

Signup Below, also in this workbook are signups to our other upcoming events.


Sign me up!

Hate to do it but have to bail on the tilt. Just can’t swing the full day away with the baby and needing to get the house ready to sell.

Totally understand


We’ve got 6 spots left here, let’s get it filled up!!!

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What time are we teeing off Saturday? I thought I saw something it wouldn’t be till the afternoon which may now be an issue for me unfortunately

First group is going off at 2:33p

Dang it…I’m going to have to bow out then. Wife made plans for us that evening and won’t be able to get this in beforehand. Sorry to back out so late!

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No worries thanks for the heads up

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@SqueezerHotCuts @Big_RanDeer how’d the points shake out on this?

I’ll post it in the slack at some point tomorrow.

@dshaddy took the top spot today