Splash of OJ Presents: The Ruckus @ Palm Beach National (Lake Worth, FL) Feb 25 2023

Happy Friday @ASplashOfOJ

Big shout out to @JShades33 for getting this one on the books

Experience The Ruckus @ Palm Beach National on February 25th!

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@ASplashOfOJ 7 spots left for this one

@ASplashOfOJ we’ve got 3 spots left here.

Fun format for this one


Life keeps getting in the way of a Splash of OJ.
I unfortunately have to drop out. Sorry to my partner and hope someone can jump in and fill the spot.

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Hope all’s well.

We need another player for Saturday! Somebody jump in here.

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^ @ASplashOfOJ

Any advice for Palm Beach National? Playing there soon on a trip

Embrace the vibes

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That I can do. Course isn’t a dog track though right?

No, definitely not. Couple of tee boxes were rough, and bunkers were hit/miss, but overall fairways/greens were in really good shape for a place that seems to get a ton of play. Don’t be shocked when someone comes around to offer you a free shot at a random tee box.


You were not joking about the vibes. Course was in pretty solid shape. would play again