Skyway Skirmish Charity Raffle - First Flight 5/20/22

We are doing a charity raffle for the Skyway Skirmish @FirstFlight Major this weekend. The raffle drawing will start on Friday at 2pm. I’ll post the video of the wheel of names and you’ll have 20 minutes to pick your prize. After the 20 minutes I’ll spin for another name. If you miss your 20 minute window you can pick after the next person is drawn and picks.

You do not have to be present to win! Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter!

Tickets are $5 each and all proceeds will be donated to The First Tee of the Triangle LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program. As a father of an 8 year old daughter, I’ve realized it’s harder to get them in to golf when they are the only girl at the range or in lessons or golf camps so the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program provides girls-only events to get them involved.

I’m still accepting donations for the raffle and tickets can be purchased up until noon on Friday. Once your name is drawn, it will be removed to allow for more people to have an opportunity to win something.

Venmo/Paypal @westerj12

Comment your refuge handle and do not mention raffle.



No malice intended. Why do so many of these raffles include a time element? Why not draw a prize, draw the winner, post the results, and be done? edit, also I’m in for $20.


I thought about doing it that way but I like giving people the chance to pick what they want. Some of the prizes might have a limited number of people who can pick them and I feel like it would suck to get assigned something you can’t use. And unfortunately once you allow someone to pick their prize, there has to be a time limit.

And it seems like all or most of the raffles do it this way so there is also the element of keeping with the norms.


You have your reasons, I respect it. If I get drawn, back of the line for me.

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Unfortunately thats the downside to doing it this way.

Trust me, I very much considered drawing a prize and drawing a name because it makes it easier on me. I was hoping that by not doing a zoom call and taking up 3+ hours of people’s Friday night and allowing 20 minutes to make a selection would be easier.

If you’d like to designate a proxy to make your selection for you, I’m all for it.

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I will contribute a dozen Pro V1Xs, high numbers if that matters to some. Not sure if you needed to know @westerj12 but I added it to the list

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Full Prize List. Drawing will start at 2pm

I’ll tag people on here and in the WhatsApp for CLC and First Flight. 20 minutes to pick

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I’m impatient so I went ahead and posted the first one before 2pm

Give me the Ping Sigma Putter but man was that a hard choice.


@papateeps you are up sir

Can’t upload a video of the wheel spin on the refuge

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I AM HERE!! No pictures of some of the stuff, right?

That’s the stuff I have pictures of right now. Anything in particular you want to look at?

The top photo with the 6 polos, you can pick either the Oakmont or Brookline

Bah, none of those really sound enticing.

First of all, thanks to everyone that didn’t get picked before me. You all are my heroes. @grizzly224, thanks for taking the putter away from my temptations.

I’ll go with the EHT, please and thank you.

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You got it sir. DM me your address and I’ll get it shipped to you next week.

@deez_nauts you are up


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I’ll take the foursome at Quail Ridge. Thanks!

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