Roost Merch Megathread

On this stuff on the Levelwear Roost portal, is this getting shipped out soon, or is it going to be a few weeks for everything to be made and then sent out?

Can confirm - hopefully in the store this weekend (along with our brethren in ATL the Peachtree Collective)



Uhhhh I think you missed a roost sir…

Nah. We support our local small businesses around here! @decentschott will be making our wood bag tags :partying_face:

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If his laser ever makes it here…

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Thanks Russia…

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I’m actually checking out a used one tomorrow. I can’t wait any longer. I need LASERS.


F yes. Best news I’ve heard all day. Let’s laser some shit!

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Can confirm lasers are fun


Any of you bag tag maniacs figured out a metal option yet? cc: @decentschott


Looked into it and for now we’re going to be sticking to our wooden guns. There are longer term machinations in place on alternate materials and fabrication processes but alas….ear wax

Peachtree and Tee Party should be going live in our store very shortly however for those so inclined to a premium hardwood option. As always, watch this space


Shameless plug for the Abandoned Dudes Raffle, just about a month out from the drawing, lots of awesome prizes up for grabs get your tickets here! Abandoned Dudes Classic Raffle - Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando


We talking laser for marking metal or metal bag tag option? Because the answer is yes.


If you don’t buy tickets you hate puppies!

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can we get QCH too?

I can work on it - I have the logo files just haven’t heard from anyone on getting a design approved. I’ll make a mockup and get it out to the powers that be. Could have something by later today/tomorrow

Peachtree and Tee Party are in the store - link in post below


If anyone outside of Big Plex wants some badass Imperial hats or Rhoback gear with the flaming cowboy hat, feel free to put in orders here, we can work on how to get them to you.

Big Plex Merch Thread - Community Center / Big Plex - No Laying Up

Got rejected when clicking the link

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