Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Not that I can recall. I stayed east of town, like 20 mins Uber to campus and it wasn’t too bad at all

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I’ve never had an issue getting one. If you’re trying to catch one at bar time there might be an issue with surge pricing.

Since you’re coming from Chicago and heading to Sheboygan, I’d recommend staying on the east side near the I-90/94 & US-151 interchange. While there’s not much (to my knowledge, I live in the SW “suburb” of Madison and don’t get to that area much) as far local places, you’ll find food.

There are a lot of good places downtown as far as food, but you’ve already seen the issue with lodging there on a game day…

Alternatively you could look to Middleton. There would be numerous lodging options, easy commute downtown for either you or an Uber/Lyft, and quite a few good food options nearby. It adds a bit to your drive on both Friday and Sunday, but it’s an option.

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Sorry for the double reply.

I looked back at your original post and it sounds like you’re coming with ~16 people (there was mention of four tee times).

Getting that many Ubers/Lyfts might be difficult all at the same time (just being honest, we aren’t NYC…). It may be a situation where you end up designating a couple people that don’t drink after a certain point (or at all), and you just drive yourself downtown and park in one of the city ramps in the morning.

Are you getting to Madison late in the day Friday, or are you taking a red eye into Chicago?

Eh… there’s going to be a large contingent heading to Whistling Straits, but we’re all kind of on our own Friday and Saturday night for the Cougs/Badgers festivities. Plus I’m old and lame and probably won’t be staying out too late (famous last words).

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For those that don’t link reading elsewhere, this is regarding the Mid-Am in September:

The volunteer uniform package consists of the following:

  • Two (2) navy blue shirts from Peter Millar
  • One navy blue quarter-zip from Peter Millar
  • One navy blue hat from American Needle

All of the above items feature the championship logo as well as the Blue Mound logo.

Price: $118 + tax (compared to the standard retail price of $330)

Volunteers will receive one voucher for lunch for each shift they work. At Erin Hills there will be a tent for volunteer meals featuring a warm buffet.

Each volunteer who works at least three (3) shifts will be eligible for one free round at Erin Hills (not including optional caddie). Free round can be redeemed between the opening day of 2023 and July 31, 2023 and between the opening day of 2024 and July 31, 2024. Please also remember that Erin Hills is a walking-only course. Offer is not transferable.

@TeddyPargame You going to volunteer?

I was planning on it even without the EH round. Now I just need to see if I can make three shifts work.


Yeah I think I will. I got a double check those dates but I think it sounds like a pretty good deal. And it would just be fun to be around the event.

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I just signed up.

Peter Millar apparel and the free round at Erin Hills sealed the deal for me.

I was thinking about trying to qualify (although I’d be a huge longshot). This seemed like a much safer bet.

I signed up as well.

I did not consider trying to qualify. :rofl:


I also signed up. Looking forward to it!

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Ok, unfortunately it might be a couple weeks early for some golf, but I’ll be driving through Madison on my way to Minneapolis on Saturday. Looking for can’t miss local food recommendations, please.

Also, I know Sand Valley isn’t open yet, but can you drive on to the property or is it closed at the gate? Was hoping to see some possible spots for a summer trip during the drive back on Sunday, thought I might try to stop by Sand Valley, too.

The property should be open.

Hey Ya’ll love the great state of Wisconsin. Reside in Brookfield and play as about a 10 handicap. Pretty active in the Golfweek amateur tour out of Milwaukee. It’s great to play tournaments and get that competitive fix. Below is a link if any of you are interested in signing up.

That June 26th event is going to be interesting…


You’re a bad gui.


Maybe interesting was the wrong choice of words

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Good looking out! This seems like a no-brainer for cheap schmucks like myself wanting to get onto EH without paying full price. Walk around the grounds for the first time, be involved with a national tournament, get some “deeply discounted” threads, and a free round at EH? Sign me up.

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Just booked a family vacation for the Eau Claire area for August. Need to find a round for my brother in law and I. What’s the best public track in the area (roughly within 30 miles). Alternatively, if anyone wants to host us I’m all ears!

Wild Ridge is the best public track in Eau Claire. Eau Claire Country Club is a great course if you can find a way on.


I’m gonna go to Eagle springs Sunday morning. Anyone wanna go for a short walk hmu!