Roll Call: Virginia

how far south? An hour gives you some good options, a couple hours gives you some great options and golf gets cheaper further south too

Folks split time between Ashland/Reedville, I’ve played a bunch around Richmond growing up. I’ll be in Rockville/DC for most of the week. Was looking for something halfway in between. Nothing in the 757.

Spring Creek would be one I’d put on my list if you can

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Depends how far you’d like to drive for VA courses. Reasonably close to DC for VA I’d say Westfields. In Maryland, definitely Whiskey Creek, PB Dye, or Falls Road. The DC tracks are cheap and easy, but don’t expect anything to write home about unless you’re fascinated by presidential helicopters and military helicopters flying over a bunch.


For those interested…


Played Botetourt Country Club because we were in the area for the weekend.

Rough shape. No grass or crabgrass on the tee boxes, the greens had hornets digging holes in them.

BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU wish you woulda hit me up, you probably drove right past my course on the way there

Used to be a member at Botetourt 20 years ago. Nice place back then but had begun falling into disrepair by the time I left the area in 2007. Sad really. Used to have a vibrant and active membership base.

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Last time I was out there it was depressing how bad they let it go. Fired the green’s keeper for showing up late too often, then didn’t have anyone certified to spray chemicals on greens and lost 3-4. Had us playing into shaved down grass with the big ass huge cups. And didn’t tell us ahead of time.

Sprinkle is the head pro out there now, used to be at Blue Hills. It supposedly getting better but the days of Botetourt supporting 2 courses and keeping them nice is OVER.

Sprinkle used to have a pretty well documented drug problem back in the day. First class asshole, that guy! He is the reason why my circle of friends avoided Blue Hills at all cost.

But that was the late 90’s and early 00’s. Maybe he’s changed. (checks Facebook) Nope, not changed at all!!!

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I’ve never had much interaction with the guy, and I don’t mind the layout there much either, but I have hard time driving past Ashley to pay full price there.

@BostonPassport I am a member at the Federal Club just down the road from Ashland. If you want to get out here, let me know. There were a couple of other refugees interested, we just haven’t set a date.

Full disclosure, fall aeration is Aug 17-21. Course should be healed up by August, but with the weather lately, I can’t guarantee anything.


I think I saw the megalight. Anyone know this walk between 15 green and 16 tee that’s 50-100 yards too long?

@country35 where did you score the good rate for Old White? My brother in law is going in a couple of weeks and rack rate is $395.

it was on golfnow but I haven’t even seen them have a normal tee time on there in a few weeks. I think it had something to do with covid/that world tennis shit going on up there.

Played Spring Creek 3 weeks ago, and was not impressed at all. Prior to that, I last played it 3 years ago and thought it was one of the best courses I’ve ever played (up there with Kinloch). But most recently I would say it was in ok shape, but not worth the $135 price tag.

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good to know there man.

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Heading down to Homestead next week (M-W). Planning to play the Old course. Cascades isn’t open M-W. Any nice courses I can get to that are close by?

Nice…ehhhhhh unless you go over to the greenbrier nothing really nice nah. The old course on site isn’t bad, but its short, tight and pricey too. I live about an hour from there, and unfortunately there is NOTHING else around

If you get desperate, always welcome to join me for a round at my club off 220

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