Roll Call: Third Shift/Multiple Shift Workers

I work a swinging shift that alternates every two days. There has to be more like me out there who have to drive that night train on 3rd Shift or who works a plethora of shifts like myself.

My golf usually gets the nod on First Shift evenings in the spring and summer months. A.M. rounds on my second shift days when my wife is working. Then on occasion I will pull the true Sicko move of leaving work at 7am coming off 3rd shift and head straight to the course.

I know that on occasion my game suffers because of my schedule, it is hard to build a normal routine around my work much less a golf routine.

There has to be more like me out there who brave the long nights and trade the occasional sleep schedule to make a loop…

Yeah, I work rotating shifts. Just days and nights, though. 12 hour shifts. 4-5 days on, 4-5 days off, so plenty of time to golf on off days.
I would hate to go back to working 5 days a week.

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Worked as a night auditor at a hotel when I was in college. 11 pm - 7 am. Did that for about six months, paid my dues. That was 35 years ago. YMMV

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Awesome. I battle insomnia so I often just work all night. Good to know I can keep the browser open and finds some folks here apart from the Australians.


I’m a midnight shifter and play most of my golf in the mornings. As long as I tee off by noon I can usually get enough sleep before work.

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