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Roseland was my home course growing up. Junior member. Probably played 500 rounds there. Good old Ross track. Kingsville is a beauty too. Lots of good golf in area and over the border in michigan.

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Cool. Get out there a few times a year. I play the VIP card.

Hit me up Scott I have summer’s off. As JD said Heritage, Redwood meadows and Sirocco (bit overated IMO) are pretty good. For value I’d add River Spirit (amazing views), Valley Ridge, and Delacour (east of city). If you wanna get out to the mountain courses Stewart Creek and Silvertip are amazing and to me preferable to Banff Springs.

Lots of other great courses in area depending on your price range


Will do, appreciate the input!

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Lovely day for golf here in Winnipeg. Feels like -725 with the windchill.


Checking in from London, ON. A track nearby was actually open on the weekend since all the snow melted (Tarandowah). Was great to get out for a mid-off-season round. Mainly play the municipal courses locally. High single cap. Will travel for Wolfhammer.


In Toronto now but went to school at Western. Golf in London is great. Forest City National is so nice and priced much better than courses of a similar caliber in the GTA. I also got out at some of the nice private courses while there like Sunningdale (UWO golf team tryouts) and London Hunt Club (ex gf’s Dad was a member).


Hey all!

Hamilton, ON here. Member at Dundas Valley.

If anyone is ever up for a game, let me know!


Have always wanted to play there-- would swap you a round at Blue Springs or any other Clublink track you’d fancy.

That would be fantastic. Always open to
playing somewhere new. Only CL track I have really played is Heron Point, Rattlr Snake and the muskoka courses

Another Calgary NLU listener.

Totally agree on Delacour for value. Find it’s always in good condition. Inglewood is a fun track, with some annoying trees (agree), but otherwise really fun. Wintergreen I really like, but seemingly really soggy every time i play there. haha

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Delacour is the one public track I haven’t played in the city that I want to play. I enjoy wintergreen too, I think I played it like 4 years of junior golf in a row and my best round is there at 64 with eagles on 10 and 11

This is awesome. Canada has highest % of population participation in the world. Go :canada:

Must be because 95% of our golfing population is unable to play for at least another month

Checking in from Stoney Creek, ON. High 80’s - low 90’s.

In on this. Though I may join clublink this year as of now I have little to offer except a willingness to pick up my guest fees and drinks/lunch after the round. I grew up playing Summit G&CC as a junior member and may head back there as well but for now I’m a GAO certified “public player”.

Speaking of GAO. If any of you Ontario golfers are thinking of formal competition GAO Tournament registration begins tomorrow with early bird rates. I’ll be taking a stab a qualifying for the Men’s Mid-Am at Devil’s Paintbrush.

Sounds good. Will get a couple of NLU days going!

Nice! You hit all the good London spots. I have a friend who plays out at Sunningdale and I’ve gotten out there at couple of times over the past few years. Another favourite of mine is FireRock. Forest City has slipped a bit on quality, but still a good place to play. The affordability of golf in this area can’t be matched. The municipal “half-membership” is $315 for the year, which gives you access to 4 18 hole courses, plus another couple of nines. And you pay half-price green fees all year. I walk and usually play twilight, so rarely pay more than $25 for a round.

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Regina, Saskatchewan. -31 C today. Any other Saskatchewan people out there?

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