Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Not sure if it is a Fight Club policy, but can you shed light on the YHC associate membership? Process, fees, application, etc? I’ve googled but obviously there is nothing like that on the internets.

It’s like ANGC, it’s all about who you know, patience, and it doesn’t cost as much as you probably think it does.

I’m be more than happy to discuss the specifics face to face, but I’m not going to put anything online out of an abundance of caution.



Smart guy. I’m looking forward to getting down to DI soon. It’s finally fall golf weather.

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No problem. Figured that was the situation but also figured I would ask.

So I can’t really speak to Camden/Orangeburg as I’ve only played them as a reciprocal but if you’re looking for conditioning CCC is your best bet. It’s priced a little higher but in the same ball park as the places you mentioned plus Lexington or Oak Hills.

You can generally get on somewhere out there most of the time. There’s a wide range of games/groups you can play in based on competitiveness, amount you want to play for.

The membership has been trending younger since I’ve been there and for the most is easygoing. @Chippycut was pretty spot on in describing the course.

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For any new guys.

There’s a refuge meetup in Aiken 10/3.

Come join us sign up on the google sheet.

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Whats up everybody. I’m Tyler from Hampton, SC. My hometown is Travelers Rest/ Greenville.
I went to Clemson and have since lived in Greer, Atlanta (grad school at Emory), North Augusta, and now Hampton. I’m a pastor who plays golf now for the community it can create.
I’m proud to say that I’ve also hit driver off the deck at most of the courses in these areas and a few more around our state. I’ve been listening to the NLU pod since '16 and then finally #GotInvolved this year in the pro shop and now hopefully, the refuge.
My family had a weird summer as my daughter spent 38 days in the NICU in Augusta, GA in addition to everything else we have all experience communally in 2020. In a summer that was incredibly disorienting for us, it was playing golf once a week and looking for that weekly NLU podcast that provided me an outlet for a stressful situation. I appreciate the NLU team and the community they have built. Thanks for having me. Cheers!



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Welcome! Let’s get a little NLU CHS event going soon. @Akarito and I are members at Snee and usually play in the Saturday game together. I know there are a few more Charleston guys on here. Our member-member is this weekend and the member-guest is in a month. Maybe we can shoot for the last weekend in October or first weekend in November?


If you even whisper YHC around here at any time you’re guaranteed interest. Say the word and I’ll move mountains to be available, still haven’t played it.


Can confirm, May River is fantastic.


I am about 1 hr 45 from Mt. Pleasant on the “west coast” of SC. I’m down to work something out.
Golf options are meek over here.

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May River looks sick. I’ve looked that course up a few times as it is only an hour from here.

Played may river in December. Place was immaculate. Fuck Jack Nicklaus though. Bunkers for days and heavily guarded greens. I thought the course was easy off the tee but the approaches ate me alive. Definitely a second shot golf course.

Of all the the upper class courses in sc that I’ve played, it hated it the most. Wouldn’t pay to do it again.


Welcome! Great group of people here and always a fun time golfing together!

What ever happened to to that course in Furman, SC??

Still there…used to be the best public option in greenville. Havent played it in about 5 years though.

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played there 3 weeks ago, course was in perfect shape

Furman Golf Course in Greenville is great but I was talking abt the old course in Furman SC near Hampton. Was called penny branch or something like that. People that owned the land were in the golf construction business I think and built their own 18. Wasn’t sure if it’s still there or if anyone was doing anything with it.

Penny Branch was the name. Closed in 2016 apparently owners and management couldn’t agree on operations and called it quits.

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