Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

What’s up SC Refuge, Chip checking in from Sumter. New to the area and was wondering if anyone else was local or had any connections to Quixote, place looks top-notch. Also willing to drive to Columbia to link up and play some golf!


Try and play the Muni if you can. Not sure on the other public options.

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Welcome Chip!

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As @tigergolftraveler said, the Muni is the draw now. I’ll always recommend Stono Ferry, but you’ll be in Mt. P, so that could be a hike. Patriot’s Point could be good so you can have some “before” thoughts since I think they are going to start a reno soon and you could compare if you come back down.


Played Muni this afternoon with my 7 year old. If there’s not a strapped filmed there, what are we even doing? All the muni vibes.

Greens were super fun. Course was wet but I can only imagine if it were baked out. Had a beer (Huger IPA was very good), got lunch for my son and me and a Gatorade for him for under 20 bucks. Amazing.

Only negative was the merch. They need to have @Tron do some consulting on brands and styling. I love the logo but need better quality hats and polos or t-shirts for the kids.


Carolinas Matchplay, sign up and info at the link below.


Hi, folks, don’t know if this is the right place for this but I have a Sun Mountain Sync bag and Speed Cart V1 for sale in Columbia area if anyone is interested. Bag and cart in good used condition and made for each other. DM me.

Totally missed this, saw the posts on IG and now it makes sense. C’est la vie.

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Any lowcountry or lowcountry adjacent folks who want to join in OR play some down here, feel free to join the group chat. It’s been a bit quiet since the PGA.

Edit: Found my answer for Charleston Muni once I logged into desktop vs mobile

On that note does anyone want to play on 7/6 around noon. Assuming it will be unbearably hot but good muni golf makes me do irrational things

It was pretty comfortable temperatures 3 weeks ago on 6/6.



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It’s in such good shape right now. There’s never a time I don’t stand on that 7th tee just hoping a) I don’t have to yell “fore” to a kayaker on the river; b) I can find my ball on dry land.

Headed down to Hilton Head for the week with the family. Sadly only have 1 day to play. Gonna try to play as early as possible Friday morning. Any recommendations or anyone in the area looking to play?

Lots of choices…on or off island?

Check out Brown Golf for a lot of on-island options. I played Palmetto Hall Hills course a few weeks ago—it was in good shape. Hilton Head National off island is always a great choice. Some people like Old South (or Old Lateral Hazard) …it’s a solid pick.

The two courses in Indigo Plantation are decent.

So many courses…

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Probably on island just for ease and convenience. Staying in Palmetto Dunes. Thanks for the help!

Where are you on the budget round to bucket list sliding scale?

If you’re in PD, play RTJ. If you’re looking more budget, Old South or Golden Bear at Indigo. Bucket list you’re going to Sea Pines for either HT or maybe Atlantic Dunes. Unless you find an in to Long Cove, then go there. But that’s a general life tip.

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More middle of the road on budget / bucket list. I haven’t heard a ton of great things about the PD dunes courses in the past but really have no clue.

I’m a big fan of Golden Bear and Old South as great value options.

Also check out Dolphin Head. They usually do a couple discounted tee times each day on their website if you are looking to save a few bucks.

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For PD: Jones > Hills > Fazio. Anyone who trashes Jones I’ll immediately disregard their opinions. 5-16 is phenomenal fun golf. Hills is pretty good, but not as good as Jones. Fazio play if the others are booked and you don’t want to leave the plantation or your wife needs the car and you have to walk back after.

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