Roll Call / Roost Sign-up --- Philly / DE --- The Electric Phactory

Here is what I was able to mock up with one semester of High School Graphic Design


I like this concept a lot, but I think the bells should go.

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What if the bell was the cloud and the crack was the top of the bolt of lightning? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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I think the Liberty Bells have to stay but be much smaller (think tee markers…“you playing the whites or the bells?”).

This is very crude (colors don’t even match) and I think I like @the.mark.christopher centered cloud and lightning better) but gives you an idea of what I was thinking.

Well if the consensus is the Franklin branding, I would say let’s just commit on one of those names for the application, and we can worry about the graphic design down the line, since it doesn’t look like there’s a logo requirement in the sign up.

I think the next, and most important step would be ironing out the actual golf and playing elements. We’re probably benefitted by being in an offseason right now to have time to get the fine details figured out, but with it being on the application, it would probably be best to get the broad strokes established. If it would be okay, I’d like to volunteer to have some kind of role in any sort of “competition committee”. I’ve played a lot of different competitive golf basically my entire life, from Muni leagues to State tournaments and a lot in between.

I mentioned in some messages that it would be easy to mimic the CLC match play. (Check out that thread for example, Thomas down there did a bang up job - it’s all formatted out nicely

Also messaged with @mgladdy about doing a larger event at jeffersonville again in July. Could be our event to invite other roosts/refuge people to, also maybe do the championship of match play bracket.

There’s also option to nominate certain course each month to do a quota style season long game (like AZ did this past year). You have to play with at least one other member of the roost.

Just some game/event ideas!


Looking over the format sheet, I think the team element feels a little over ambitious to kick things off with this. I know team golf, like NCAAs and obviously Ryder Cup are exciting and engaging, but with this, I’m a little concerned of a “Group project at school” vibe, where people are having to rely on others for their success, and someone kind of has to take charge of organizing the team. I think it would be pretty much impossible to expect 100% retention for every event through the whole season, so it would make more sense that everyone be able to control their own destiny and not be responsible for anyone else attendance, let alone their play.

I do think some four ball or (modified) alt shot could be a fun way to mix things up in the season, but keep it as much less than a full season commitment. And on the thought between looking at cumulative scoring vs averages, I would vote leaning towards volume, since I think it would be better to reward commitment and consistency in attendance over just good consistently play, and would limit anyone trying to protect an average.

Thanks for putting this out there. I think both sound pretty appealing for different reasons and, echoing @the.marc.christopher, sound easier to pull off compared to the team format in the sheet. Not saying we can’t do that eventually, but right out of the gate, I think we go with something that we know we can execute, and execute well.

I’d also agree that I like the focus on commitment and consistency with a cumulative scoring system vs. average.

Not sure how to integrate a poll into the chat, or maybe we just add a sheet on the Google Doc, but I’m curious to see if anyone prefers the Matchplay vs. Season-long Quota format.

Agreed on all fronts, I think when I put that together I had a different idea of what it would be but the CLC document is pretty thorough, so I’m going to plagiarize it and put a draft out there for refinement.


With the CLC game, it looks like it’s very much up to the players themselves to organize their matches. Is that something that we’re looking to do, or do we want to try and book blocks of tee times, or “events” as a group at courses?

Last year, I played in a traveling quota money game, where the guy who ran it would book us a block of tee times, call for attendance over email, and give out the pairings. It was a fun way to get to see a lot of courses and play with and meet different people.

This is the link to their website that has a lot of the details on the structure for any ideas:

I certainly like the idea of incorporating a quota aspect as a secondary way to earn points (obviously done within a match). And I agree that ideally we have at least 2 foursomes get together (not one off matches).

If you have a minute throw something in a Google doc and we can discuss.

I would like to submit the application tonight (may leave the team name as TBD or Philly Roost Pork as placeholder), just so we’re in the discussion when they decide on the 20 regions.

I added a tab with the quota format into the doc for anyone to look over. It’s just a rip from my old league, so anything would be up for adjustment, but it’s a solid base for a group that’s been active for a long time now.

I don’t know that we would be able to combine formats, I think whether the game is stoke, match, or stableford/quota, I think those would just be the rules to follow.

If we do decide on going with matches, and like the CLC format, I do think we should consider revising away from any sort of elimination. A big goal of this is whole thing is to grow a community, and I see a scenario where if half the people are eliminated in May, they might not come back… It might make sense to do a season long W-L-D type of standings. Some folks would get eliminated from contention over time, but it would last a lot longer than 2 weeks.

Agreed. This group isn’t really established yet, so true elimination formats could derail us from future iterations and community growth.

As far as submitting everything tonight, I don’t think that’s the best course of action. We’ve got three people who have voted on anything as far as name or logo goes, and I’d rather us take the next few days to really iron this out and come to a consensus. I’ve reached out to Thomas who handled the CLC Matchplay to get some insight as to how he ran that and also Double Bogey Dave regarding this deadline. We have until the end of the week, so let’s utilize that time and make sure we’re not inputting anything into this application hastily. We have the benefit of an offseason to really iron everything out, but I’m also not looking to submit something with TBDs. That will just look sloppy and won’t do us any favors.


Good to hear about the end of the week.

How does the quota system work? Accumulated points over the “season”? Do you treat it like handicap system (take your five best totals)?

The league I’m referencing was just a weekly cash game, so there were no season standings for precedent, but I would think either a running tally of points, or a point system on weekly finish (1st place - 20pts, 2nd -18, 3rd - 16, etc)

I just think it’s worth pulling from for A. The simple scoring and B. The organization of getting a group out to a course together.

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this is my first ever post but I’m from berks county and have been waiting for this group to pop up, excited to follow along and see whats happening


I saw that the Florida group is setting up a zoom call to intro their region. Do you think something like a townhall like that would be a good idea to help get the ball rolling on some of this stuff? I feel like that would give anyone who wants to give a contribution a chance to show up and have a word, but there doesn’t have to be waiting on additions to the google doc. I think at a certain point, it’s just going to be a matter of executive decision on some of this stuff.

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Completely agree. Tonight?