Roll call: Phoenix/Scottsdale

I have one spot available at Longbow this Sunday (8/28) at 10 am if anyone is interested. I could have two spots open but won’t know until later today. Will release them by 9:30 tomorrow morning (72 hour cancellation period) so let me know. Rate is $51.

Copying this over from the Roost 2023 Season thread:

I’m in the beginning stages of planning the 2023 Phoenix event, and instead of February, I think it would be best to push it to the first or second weekend of March.

This year the Super Bowl is in Glendale, so with that on top of the WMPO, it might be a little hectic trying to plan something. Also, pushing it a few extra weeks should diminish the odds of a frost delay to very low, and we’d have another 40-60 minutes of daylight.

Location: Sticking with Aguila Golf Course. The course was in great condition, and the staff was easy to work with.

Format: Instead of two large teams, let’s try and make it a two-man team event. Overall, the ending to last year’s event just seemed very anti-climactic, even though a team only won by 2 points or something.

  • Two rounds at the short 9 hole course in the morning
    • First round - team best ball (gross)
    • Second round - team alt shot (gross)
  • Afternoon round at the Championship 18 hole course
    • highest scores from first two rounds go of first, lowest scores last
    • Team Net Stroke

The winning Team has the lowest cumulative score between all 3 rounds.

  • pending daylight, the tiebreaker could be another alt shot round around the short course
Preferred Date of Event (can choose 2 dates)
  • Friday 3/3
  • Saturday 3/4
  • Friday 3/10
  • Saturday 3/11

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Hi desert crew. I’ll be in Arizona all next week and have a free morning in Phoenix on Saturday. If anyone has an extra spot on the tee sheet pre 7:30 AM in the PHX area and a spare set of righty clubs (leaving my set at folks place), hit me up. Happy to join up

Anyone looking to play at Encanto on Sunday mid-morning? I just booked a foursome at 11:20. Also I will buy any of you Wisconsin guys a beer to make up for WSU beating your Badgers. Least I can do.

While it’s hard for any Wisconsite to pass up a free beer, the Packers kickoff at 1:25pm. Badgers beat themselves that game so maybe I should be buying myself a beer.

Anyway, I’ve been checking frequently to see if anything opens up at city course earlier and would be down if that happens.


Sounds good, I will keep an eye out as well

If we can find an early Tee Time I would be able to join!

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@GeneralTSo @Waffles was just able to snag a 7:52 foursome at Encanto Sunday and have one non-refugee in. You two want the other two spots?

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I’m in

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I’ll have to pass. Thank you snagging it.

Anyone interested in playing golf any time during the week, next week?
Pretty flexible on days and times. Just looking for some fun rounds.

I was thinking of going Friday afternoon , if that works for you I’m happy to meet up somewhere

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I am off at 3 most days so i would be interested

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