Roll call: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Plan is to play on Saturday, 6/4. I’ve seen & heard papago is sweet and a great value, but this is all just hearsay from social media over the years. If we’ll find a better course/experience elsewhere, happy to explore that. or if Papago won’t be worth our time, would like to find another non-resort course to play.

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Well, wish I could tell you more solid info but the whole Papago thing is very shady with very little public info (which as a muni sucks). All I know is the course will be good that prior weekend, the 28th and 29th.

Okay so after hearing this, did a quick check on recent golfnow reviews to confirm it is not in desirable condition. We may try to set up just 36 at Wekopa to play the other course, unless there is a good weekend afternoon value round out there?

Well golfnow people are idiots. If the course has any brown they are going to slam it and say they’d rather play a soaking wet green course. Using golfnow in Phoenix is really, really dumb on rates BTW. There are like 3-4 hot deals that are okay at best.

Papago is in good shape. Grass is transitioning from rye to bermuda right now, or a rye/bermuda mix to bermuda, so most courses are going to have either some brown spots or wet spots. In a month bermuda will be in good shape.

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What is happening at Papago?
Going to temp greens for some repairs and rebuilds or as some sketchy only used to college/tours?

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Papago is doing a few things.

  1. There is a building going up to house some golf related offices. Why are they building commercial office space when 1/2 of it in Phoenix is empty right now? No reason other than money to builder.

Said building is going to be where 18 green is now. Are they going to add parking to a parking lot that is already full ~30 weekend days a year after 9am? Who knows.

  1. 18 green, 9 green, and another green (I think 6) are going to be moved, and holes lengthened. The course will be ~7800 tipped out. Not sure what else they are going to do. Heard a lot of things, but ultimately it’s probably ASU and Troon making the decisions.

Thanks for the info.
Building some offices is absolutely useless.
Hopefully the money going into the course leads to some nice improvements, but only time will tell.

Listen, they went from a “pro shop” in a trailer to Lou’s + ASU programs…why stop now?!

Played Papago this past weekend. Apparently fighting some sort of disease on the greens and it showed. Hopefully temporary. Everything else was in great shape.

That upgrade was very solid. So I am happy about that, but let’s not destroy a perfectly good course, which I am afraid they are gonna do. Especially when they need the real estate to install their Top Tracer Range.

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Ah yes, the old ruin a perfectly good muni course because college kids happen to play there and they hit it stupid far. Great plan.

6 is one of the best holes on the course, moving that green is dumb.

I’ve always though 18 was an awkward hole, and somewhat out of character with the rest of the course, but the problem isn’t the green.


ATTENTION: I might have two tickets available for Sunday’s Game 7 - IF the Celtics lose tonight the game will be at 12:30 Arizona time and we will not be able to attend. If the Celtics force Game 7 we can go and I would keep.

Tickets are Section 201 Row 8 - I got them off Vividseats for 380 (damn fees) but I would be willing to sell at that price or make me an offer! Let me know if you are interested

Again its contingent on tonight’s outcome!

A friendly plug / recommendation to go check out Grayhawk the next two weeks. Women’s Championship starts on Friday and then the men start the following Friday…was really cool to get up close to some pretty good golf last year


Im planning to go out and watch next Saturday and Monday if anyone wants to meet up to watch some golf.

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Getting in way too late on this. Working in Gilbert and looking to resurrect my golf game after three years essentially off for graduate school/living in Europe. Currently hndcp 10-12. Any progress toward organizing the SW roost? Would love to contribute to things around PHX, even if just to add another warm body to the ranks.

Dealing with a tighter budget and trying to golf more often is tough around here. Anyone who knows summertime deals in Phoenix area (cheap summer memberships, best rates after 3-4pm), would love to hear them - will play in 115 (been playing Legacy in Phoenix on twilights and getting 18 in during the summer unless the monsoon decides to show up - basically running 18, but you do what you have to do for the game)

Let me know if this belongs in another thread. Hope to see some of y’all around. :v:


You going out at all? I’ll be there Saturday morning. Stanford is first off starting just after 6 am so should be able to beat the heat a bit and get home in time to watch the bulk of the PGA. I have to watch my Sun Devils a bit but I’ll be following Stanford primarily after yesterday’s doc.

Had a late cancellation to a foursome tomorrow 9:14 at GCU if anyone wants to join. Available to book on their site.

Damn missed out. Let me know if anyone else drops out haha

Best summer deal IMO is Talking Stick PDP. $100 month (maybe $50 in the summer, website doesn’t mention it but an email last year did…) and $20 rounds after 12p with a cart. Will meet some good players out there as well.


RE: Papago renovations…CBG IG story

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