Roll Call: Ohio


Here are a few questions to get you started:

Are you a second-generation millionaire? If so, befriend a member of Camargo and hope they invite you.

If you want a family club with some awesome amenities as well as two 18-hole golf courses, join Kenwood Country Club (KCC) - no tee times is a bonus.

If you want a solid club with a Donald Ross design, go to Hyde Park. Young families and hot moms run that place.

Terrace Park is an inexpensive option. They have a great indoor practice facility as well as a great outdoor short game area.

Oasis (North of 275, Loveland area) is an Arnold Palmer design in a housing complex. I have never played it…most people who join there seem to matriculate to KCC or Hyde Park.

Maketewah might be a little farther from your house than the others on this list, but it is an 18-hole Tom Bendelow/Donald Ross. They just redid their outdoor short game area. It’s pretty sick Will Grimmer was/is a member there. As far as cost…I am not sure. I had heard that they slashed their initiation fee, but that was a couple of years ago.

Losantiville Country Club is a great value for an old-school course with practice area. It’s a Tom Bendelow design with some of the best greens in Cincinnati.

Coldstream is probably pretty close to KCC as far as cost and amenities. However, it only has one course. Slope is 140 and stretches just over 7,000 yards from the tips. I have not played in a long time but course conditioning is top-notch.

Cincinnati Country Club is close to Hyde Park and is another old-school course. The guy who owns the Reds has a house just off the fairway (can’t remember which hole) and is next to one of the best private schools in Cincinnati. Traffic can get heavy in that area but it is a place to be seen.

Those are the majority of the courses on your side of town.


Thanks for all the info! This is the stuff I want to know as I take a look. If you had to pick one (other than Camargo), what is your choice?


Depends on what type of golf you like and how much of an emphasis you place on course availability/price/location.

Hyde Park is probably the best course for the price.

Both 18s of Kenwood are solid…and no tee times (even on weekends) is money.

If you want to challenge your skills as a golfer, I think Coldstream is probably best in that regard.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my first reply is the lack of good public golf in the area. From Hyde Park, you have three public courses within 25 minutes that are good: Stonelick Hills, Blue Ash, and Legendary Run. However, there are so many outings and leagues at all three that it can be a giant pain in the ass. And, Blue Ash sees a ton of rounds in the summer and it is only going to get worse as a huge high-end housing development is going in across the street.


West Side of Cleveland here…about 1/2 an hour. Love to play all over O…H…


Just an update on who our keynote speaker will be for the Little Hercules Golf Classic. I hope those that are in the area will consider coming out to our event…I promise you will not be disappointed.



Anybody from Cleveland ever want to play a round let me know. I’m currently downtown and will drive east, west, or south to play


Cleveland here. Long time, first time and whatnot. Hello all.


Shout-out @2trickpony for joining me and a couple of buddies! The buttercut plays.


Refugees unite!! Great example of two way too hardcore golf nerds getting together. @scuff ‘s buttercup is over-advertised, once straightened out he was a scramble legend


If any Ohio area players are looking for access to some great private courses mostly in Columbus our event silent auction is now live online. You do not have to be playing in the event to bid. Just need to register, email, cell phone, and a credit card. We have auctions for:

Pete Dye GC (West Virginia)
The Lakes
Ohio State Scarlet
Ohio State Grey
Rattlesnake Ridge
Scioto Reserve
Springfield CC
Little Turtle

We also have a package for all 5 New Era Courses (GC of Dublin, Bent Tree, Royal American, Glenross, & New Albany Links).

Finally, there is definitely some other cool golf and non golf items…and the money raised all goes to a great cause.

Auction end on Monday (9/24) in the afternoon.



Maybe I missed it, but do you have a link for the auction? Thanks.


Oops, yes.

Little Hercules Golf Classic Auction


Please let me know if there are any problems with the link


I live in Dayton, I am in Circleville for college. I worked at Sugar Valley this summer in the cart barn. The new pro shop opened earlier this spring and is very nice. They endured both a lightning strike and a kitchen fire.


Columbus here. Just moved and looking for a league or a weekend game to get started once the weather gets better.


Bad time to be waiting on that here- only about 7 months until we have consistent golf weather again!


Cincinnati, raised in Colerain (Go Cards!) and went to Miami U (S/O Uptown). Grew up sneaking onto Clovernook CC via my uncles backyard. Played pretty much every course the tri-state has to offer. Played a lot of Hueston Woods and Indian Ridge when living in Oxford. Now I live in Ross and play pretty much all the same courses I did growing up.


The Nook! I just played that for the first time a few weeks ago, what a fun course.


Columbus here as well. Play mostly on the eastern half of Columbus, occasionally going out as far as Granville for the Dennison Course out there.


From just west of Dayton, play mostly around the Dayton area at courses like Kitty Hawk, Heatherwood, Cassel Hills, Beechwood and Pipestone