Roll Call: Ohio

Hey all. New to the refuge.

So I’m originally from Ohio but go to school in South Carolina so I’m usually back and forth (that drive is like clockwork to me now). From Cincy and a member at Kenwood but play with friends at Losantiville often as well.

Started to get seriously into golf this past year and I have had tons of fun. Basically started from scratch in February and I’m at a 24.5 index and finally starting to consistently break/flirt with breaking 100. Swing plane is just too damn steep!

Excited to skim through this thread and be apart of this board!


Welcome. Keep it up. It’s the best/hardest/most frustrating sport ever. But when you hit on the money, you want more. Work on that short game/putting. Over half your strokes are from 100 yards and in.


Thank you!

For me, it seems to be starting and finishing. Getting off the tee with the disco stick usually leaves me wayward right often times OB (big time outside-in path I’m working on fixing) and then I’ll 3 putt my ass off. Approach shots, right now at least, are my bread and butter. It’s odd.

When I find fairways off the tee, I’ll often get greens and then 3 putt bogey. That’s golf right there - the excitement of pure shots that get you on green and the downfall of not capitalizing off of it.

With 100% of my classes online, I’ve been able to either walk 9 or hit the range about every day so hopefully it’ll start coming together.


You’ll get better by practicing weekly. If you haven’t taken a lesson from a pro, I’d recommend one. Making sure you don’t develop bad habits early on. But swing your swing.

Living in a warmer weather climate is so beneficial to getting better at golf.

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I was actually lucky enough to complete an internship with a club in MA (hence the username) this summer and got lessons quite often from the teaching pro there. Prior to working with her, things looked ugly. I’m at the point where I know what I’m supposed to do and I can show you it in slow motion and often times on the range but when actually playing I can’t seem to replicate it.

And yeah the warm weather part definitely helps right now. Played Saturday at 7 am and by 10 it was in the 80s lol. Hoping it sticks for as long as possible.

Not sure when you are going to be back in Cinci but have you read about the event at Avon on Saturday, 11/7?

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whats up man?! Cincy runs deep in this place. How’s the reno coming at Kenwood? I’m super excited their more tournament course (can’t ever get -view or -dale straight) is getting work done on it.

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I was up there two weeks ago and you should see the Biarritz on one of the finishing holes. MASSIVE. And, I also cannot keep the names straight.

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Dale is being renovated and I believe it’s complete. Just remember that View overlooks 71.

So I haven’t been there since August but I did walk the 9 holes they were offering for Kendale to see what it was all about and honestly I was very disappointed. I hope things are different now.

There was really no indication as to which teebox was which (no numbers on any boxes), there was no clear path to take you from hole to hole (if you hadn’t played the course prior you would be BEYOND lost), and the turf just wasn’t ready for play. I could seemingly lift up individual squares of sod. There were no mats or anything. People taking divots in these new squares that haven’t mated with the ground yet was honestly sad.

My thinking was they were so overwhelmed with everyone WFH and taking up times on View that they gave Dale the go ahead.

When I head back in December I am sure things will be different but that really had me scratching my head.

I did see this! Looks awesome but unfortunately I won’t be back yet.

How do these things work with High cappers like me?

There are plenty of high caps attending, myself included. You would not even have the highest cap at the event.

And welcome to the refuge! Find some threads that interest you and a dumpster fire or two for entertainment. I am at LCC and my in laws are at KCC, we will have to link up at some point.


FWIW I’m hovering right around 100 this year and I had a blast at the Denison event.


Anybody free next Saturday? We have a spot open:


My buddy (local) is interested. He played with me, @BigStein and @RealRyanW two weekends ago at Avon. If that works let me know and He can fill out the sheet.


Co-sign he was super chill

For sure. We still need one more I believe one is going to drop!

Edit: one more in addition to @smithburger bud

I will get him signed up and added to the sheet ASAP.


Anyone out there want to get together Saturday (10/31) morning for a round in the greater Cleveland area? Really anything in an hour or so radius is open.

I’m playing the Quarry in Canton at 9am and only have two in my group so 2 spots are still open on the Tee Time reservation screen fwiw