Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Hey kids. Sorry I couldn’t be more active this year…I’ll be better next year (probably). Hitting Arcadia Bluffs tomorrow. Any tips are welcome. I’ve loved all the conversation this year. Ps - definitely against splitting OATW (I know I’m late to that party).


Grady Cobb is. I can put you in touch.


ISO: Gents who were wearing rattlesnake ridge gear at the queen city 4way. I’m in columbus and looking at memberships there but would love to meet some guys there first!

October 2 at manakiki have spots open for 7:30 and 7:40. So far it’s @parfromanywhere @MDM @quicktempo and myself


Are they doing any work to 2 green this year? I heard rumors but nothing concrete. I am also a fellow gooner by the way!

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Id play if there are still spots available

Yessir. 3 spots remaining for the 7:40 tee time.

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Anyone interested in playing Pine Hills Friday, 8:48

Still 3 spots open for manakiki on Sunday. Hoping to fill at least 1 spot so we will have 6. Can just go as 3 and 3 otherwise might give some spots back to the course.

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Looking for 3 at Kenton County on Sunday morning, or for someone looking for a single elsewhere in Cincy.

In for Manakiki :raising_hand_man:t3:


Sweet! I believe there is only 1 Spot remaining. I have signed up
Myself @parfromanywhere @MDM @quicktempo @nohio @blackhammer and 1 non refugee.


That is a CREW right there.

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Genuinely glad they aren’t trying to win best looking group. Woof.


This will only make sense to @methridge but THAT’s a crew I’d go watch do an improv show!

Jealous I can’t make it. Committed to Rawiga with
my old man.

I’ll take that last spot if it’s open.

sorry, last spot got claimed earlier. If we have a last minute opening I’ll let you know

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The Little Hercules Golf Classic is coming up on Monday. Our Silent Auction is now live. We have some great golf packages (including Double Eagle Club) as well as a sweet No Laying Up item!

The Little Hercules Foundation is a Dublin based charity that raises money to fund research to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (which my son was diagnosed with in 2015) as well provide access to equipment and therapies.

You do not need to attend to participate in the auction. Pickup will be local or we can ship at the buyers expense. Large items and alcohol excluded from shipping.

Little Hercules Golf Classic Online Auction


Does anyone in Central Ohio know anything about Worthington Hills?

When it comes to the area private clubs, I feel like no one talks about that one and I’ve always been curious as to why