Roll call: Oahu

Probably a shot in the dark here…but let’s see

Hey if you’re still around, you got another Oahu resident here for a few years.

Here…as stated in the big island thread.

What kind of courses have you been playing here? I’m still working a lot of basics of my game so I’ve been sticking with cheap courses around Pearl Harbor, but I’m thinking about branching out sooner rather than later.

What’s up man. I’m on island until 2021.

Pretty much everywhere. Have played almost all the publics and haven’t played Oahu CC or Waialae CC.

Played Ko’olina today. I wouldn’t recommend it. Honestly, I don’t love the golf on Oahu. It probably has something to do with the fact that I suck at putting on Bermuda or Paspalum.

I was pleasantly surprised by Pearl CC with their military rate if you are near Pearl Harbor.

So far I’ve only played the two courses on Hickam. I wish I could say I’m cultured enough to understand the differences in greens, but honestly I’m new enough to the game that just finding my swing is enough of a challenge. I figure it’s time to start searching out more exciting courses though, as I thoroughly miss some of the elevation changes that used to come with golf in Washington.

Man you have to play navy or kbay.

Navy was my next goal. I’m finally getting my mid/long irons back under control so I figured it’d be worth a shot to branch out a little more.

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Nice. KBay is beautiful, kind of a hassle to get on base because you have to get a pass first, Leilehua is good too, always seems to catch me on a bad day though.

By KBay do you mean Kaneohe Clipper? I heard that’s amazing

Yea that’s what I meant. It had some troubles last year but the 13th hole is one of the prettiest on the island

Anyone have any recommendations for some golf on the island? I’ve never been to Oahu but I’ll be working at the Sony this year and looking to get some golf in while I’m there. I’ve heard Ko’olau and Royal Hawaiian are good but that’s about it. I’d also be down to get a round in with some NLU folks if anyone wants to join!

If you get to the North Shore the Palmer course at Turtle Bay is a good option. Skip the Fazio course.
And a quick nine at public Kahuku is a must just for the experience of having to wait on the tee while locals cross the fairway to get to the beach.

shameless bump, anyone still here?

Anyone here on Oahu still?

I’ll be on the island at the end of the December. Would love to meet up for a round. Holla!

Will be visiting my partners family that live in hilo and will be popping over to Honolulu for her work a couple days prior. Would anyone be interested or around the week of 4th of July?