Roll Call: Northern NJ, NE PA

I usually play at Basking Ridge country club. Would be cool to have some local refugees out. It’s nothing special, but usually in good shape. When not there I love Crystal Springs and would love to meet up with folks up there. I’ve played Wild Turkey a bunch, and Ballyowen. Black Bear. Also like Berkshire Valley and Galloping Hill.

I’m looking to play on Sunday! Booked a provisional tee time at Rock Spring at 11am, but open to whatever. Hopefully doesnt rain too much.

I was thinking the same thing as it’s post to be 70. Nuts. Does look potentially moist.

Let’s monitor, I’m game.

Just found this thread, pretty awesome. I’m out in High Bridge and play out of High Bridge Hills. Always down for a game if anyones in the area and looking.

Has anyone played Shawnee? I just heard about it from a friend, supposed to be a really nice public Donald Ross just across the border into PA

Shawnee is a Tilinghast design, at least the original. It’s a decent course, there are a few really good holes but overall, I don’t think it’s impressive. There is a quite a bit of history to the place. The resort overall is very nice with a hotel, brewpub and restaurant. I’ve played there several times because it’s about 20 minutes from me.

I’d be up for a round on Sunday afternoon.

Rock spring 11am tee time, it’s me, @Zocco and my friend. Fourth spot is your if you want it.

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Go low tomorrow guise. Hope to get out with you all this season.

@Zocco @Gdasilva11 Did you guys play today? Was so nice. How’d you handle that wind though??

We did - temperature was perfect, but it was WINDY. Especially the front 9, the gusts were brutal. It got more tame during the back 9. Overall a very fun day… 10/10 considering it’s the nearly the middle of January.

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Hey all. After hearing where all of the NIT qualifiers will be held, it seemed to me that most of NJ, eastern PA, even DE and northern MD are kinda left out. The Flushing Meadow pitch and putt qualifying is… good? But maybe not for the majority of our area? Atlantic City CC isn’t a terrible ride and kinda central to the “left out” area, it’s a Doak redesign, and a very nice track. I’m wondering if any of the guys would consider this for a tourney?
@djpie @Soly @Tron @Randy @MerchCzar ?


Wish I could super like this.

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I wish the boys would see this. I feel like we would have MORE THAN ENOUGH refugees at a location like that. Not to mention the shitshow that could commence that night in AC lol

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Something like Atlantic City CC sounds very good for people in NJ, and some big population centers in PA. Played it once a few years ago, solid.

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Hey Christopher, totally hear you. We’ve talked about adding one in Philly area. Seems like it would do the trick for a wide swath of the mid-Atlantic and northeast. Will take a look and chew on it a little more. Stay tuned!


We appreciate the consideration tc


Dear Northern New Jersey Refugees, just found out I will be attending a wedding in Spring Lake in early October. Not in the wedding but my wife is, so I have all morning to myself. Since I am not getting out to a course here in Massachusetts any time soon I have plenty of time to think about/start planning my round. Never been to the area but on Google Maps the 3 closest courses to where we will be staying appear to be Spring Meadows, Bel-Aire and Quail Ridge. Any one of these stand out as vastly superior to the others? Is there a better course which would be a further drive that would be worth it? Open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Spring Meadow and Bel-Aire are both decent muni courses, and I’ve actually never heard of Quail Ridge. A favorite quick round of mine down there is Forge Pond. It’s short (par 60) no par 5’s, but they keep it very nice most of the year.

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A 30 min drive north and you can do Hominy Hill. RTJ course. Very nice public course.

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