Roll Call: North Carolina

Dammit I have got to get there soon! In all of the amazing photos I have seen of OB, I cannot recall this viewpoint.

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Up on the hill left of the fairway of number 8


Sneaking down to Southern Pines to escape the awful Ohio weather and get some rounds in at the end of March. My wife said play as much golf as I can before our first kid comes in July.
If anyone has connections or wants to play I am looking to fill tee times March 24-28th.


Congrats on the Kiddo @Browcoww77!! You are coming to a great spot for sure. You will have no problems finding folks that want to play around here. Feel free to jump in our CLC Whatsapp chat below and throw this out there also.

Weather Plus the upcoming NCAA tournament in May, I played Finley today and there were so many High ScHoolers out there it felt like a young Korn Ferry. This summer is going to be a blast.


Come down and hang out at the lake this summer.


Not an ideal position for your second shot. Hopefully it was just positioning for the light. 8 is a fun green though.

NC Peeps,

Greetings from Sunny Southwest Florida. I just got off the phone with @Double_Bogey_Dave regarding this post as I wanted to make sure that I ran this by him before posting…

A dear friend of mine, Chris is the superintendent at Pine Needles. I’ve known Chris for a good while and we were catching up this morning discussing how our families had been and whatnot when he shared the following news with me regarding his brother’s family.

His entire family has been impacted by the recklessness of one person and are all suffering because of it. If you are open to helping, I’ve attached a link to the GoFundMe for the family as well as Chris’s direct Venmo link. If you are open to helping and would prefer to go the Venmo route, all I ask is that you use the Golf Emoji so he knows that it’s coming from the great folks on this board. All help is greatly appreciated. Even a simple sharing of the post goes an extremely long way to helping a wonderful steward of the game.

Help Chris Mintmier’s Family

Direct Venmo link ^^^

Thanks again to all of you!

Much Love,



Done. Would love to get to pine needles sometime. I lost my sister to a reckless driver almost two years to the day. This hits home


If and when you do, let me know and I’ll make sure that Chris knows you are there. Not many folks care about that place more than he does.


Thank you both for sharing these truly terrible tragedies @Southpaw72 and @TB3Golf. Hopefully, support in all forms floods his family in the coming days, weeks and months.


Just contributed. Heading down there in April to play PN/MP. It is truly one of my favorite places to be in the world.

Hoping everything and everyone is ok through this.


That green is so damn cool

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Driving up from Myrtle Beach to meet up with family on spring break at the end of March in Bryson City/Cherokee area. Any recs on what to do there? Places to eat?

Looks like Sequoyah is the best course to check out and will probably do some fishing while others are hiking around. Outside of that, plans are wide open.


Cannot give you any recs for that area but have heard that Sequoyah is awesome! I’m sure there are plenty in here that can give you some recs for sure

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This is great. Just bought it. Thanks for saving me some $.

I’d been eyeing this one myself but can’t make it work, would love a review hope you enjoy

Used to be a member at Smoky Mountain CC. Very low key place with some great views and fun holes. Also beers are cheap too!

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hey all, checking in from Ohio. some buddies and I are making our way to Asheville next month and looking for some course and restaurant recs in the area. We’re all single digit handicaps so course difficulty isn’t a huge concern, but would like to keep weekday greens fees under $80 if possible. Thanks!

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