Roll Call: New Zealand

In the words of Pink Floyd, is there anybody out there?

I’m so lonely.

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I’m in Wellington. I thought I was the only one and went looking for friends in the Sydney thread!

Well that’s two here in NZ, does that make us early adopters / influencers / trendsetters?

I’m a kiwi currently living in Canada, but will be back in the land of the long white cloud by this time next year. Never taking winter golf for granted again!

Ok, I think we have some slow momentum. I’m based in Auckland but perhaps we can create on opportunity for a round at some stage. I travel a bit and love checking out new courses so will put it out there when the time arises.

If the weather behaves itself and the stars align I may be in Auckland for a couple of days in the week starting 21st. Definitely will be hitting up Muriwai and will be looking for other options too, so let me know if you might be able to get out.

Sweet as, Muriwai is a ton of fun. I’d say the weekend would be out for me but a cheeky evening 9 hole on the Friday might be a go. Stay in touch for sure.

Honeymooning in New Zealand at the end of the year for about 2-3 weeks. I think I’ll have some time for at least one round of golf. What are some of the must plays while I’m over there?

Also what are some must do’s for New Zealand in general?

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It all depends on where you’re heading really. Do you have an idea of itinerary yet? I love helping people plan trips so just give me a basic rundown of where you are going and what you are into (other sports / food / wine / experiences) and I’ll see what I can come up with. @RoyMcAvoy

Other than Hobbiton (I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan/nerd) we don’t have any real plans. Hoping to do both the North and South Island. Really just trying to experience as much as New Zealand has to offer.

But we both love wine, hiking, exploring and really getting into the culture wherever we go.

Sweet, I think you need three weeks for sure. As much as I love the north island and spend 99% time here, the south island really is the place to be over that period. That said, given you’re wanting to hit Hobbiton, here are a couple of things you should look to do before you head south…


  • Hobbiton, which is in Matamata. Roughly 2 hours from Auckland which is where you’re likely to fly into
  • Walk the Tongariro Crossing. If you’re into LOTR and hiking then this will blow your mind
  • Head to the Bay of Islands up north, might be a bit out of your way (3 hrs north of Auckland) but is a beautiful part of the country with a lot to do, plenty of NZ culture and history up there as it’s where the British colonisation kicked off. I grew up there so if you do go up let me know as I have a ton of secret spots you’ll want to check out. Plus my home course is awesome, cheap and super scenic.
  • And/or head to the Hawkes Bay, wine country, great weather and of course, Cape Kidnappers

I’d hire a car and tick off the north island stuff, and then catch the Interislander car ferry to the top of the south island after spending a night in Wellington. I lived there for a few years and it’s a very cool little city with an awesome hopso industry. Also very steeped in LOTR history as this is where the Weta Workshop is and home of Peter Jackson. The ferry trip is about 3.5 hours and well worth it for the scenery alone as you come into the Marlborough Sounds. The end goal from here is to be dropping your rental car off at the end of the trip at Christchurch airport as this is the main hub in and out, how you get there is a bit of a choose your own adventure as you can head south via the east or west coast, if it were me, I’d go west…

You’re probably going to find there’s too much to do in one trip so you’ll just need to prioritise and then make a plan to come back again. Here’s where I’d focus my time on in the south island in order of road trip itinerary:

  • Kahurangi National Park
  • Driving the West Coast
  • Southern Lakes area, which is basically Wanaka and Queenstown. Play Jacks Point in Queenstown if you have time. Great course with stunning views. You’ll feel like you are playing golf on a LOTR set. And spend lots of time checking out wineries in Queenstown. Some great tours to do but I can give you some names to check out closer to the time
  • Milford Sound, amazing place
  • Then back up to Christchurch via Mt Cook / Twizel, stunning road trip country

There’s lots of great AirBNB options here but if you’re thinking of booking (house, hotel, car) ANYTHING around 2-3 weeks either side of Christmas then get onto it soon as it gets busy. Or you can go the campervan route and stay flexible which I’d also highly recommend. There’s a ton of amazing Department of Conservation campsites in very cool locations, usually at a trailhead of some sort. Heaps of info HERE.
Or if you want to go luxury lodge for a night or two let me know, I’ve checked out a couple of very cool spots.

But yeah, once you filter through some planning and research just give me another holla and I’m happy to help out more.

You’ll be spoiled for choice of golf options!



This is awesome thank you! Once I get a better idea of what the fiancé is looking for I’ll be back for some more advice I’m sure.

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Top advice here. That would be a hell of a roadie!

Hit me up if you have a bit of time in Wellington - it’s home, has great beer and I’ll spot you around Royal Wellington.

There’s good wineries over the hill in the Wairarapa (1h drive) as well.


I never made it to Auckland after all that. With Xmas and the rest of it, letting you know slipped my mind completely - sorry man!

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How good is the Rapa. Basically my paradise for hunting, surfing, fly fishing and wine.

I’m still waiting for you on the first tee at Muriwai. Logged 32,215 practice swings and let 274 groups through already.

Ha! Last time I was there they had Liberty on tap inside - get amongst.

Yeah the Rapa is tight. The other half’s from Masterton so we’re over there a bit. Couple of fun courses too.

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One more of us. I’m in Ashburton.


Sunny Ashburton! Welcome. We’re getting momentum here.