Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

Hey all just joining up to the Nashville group here after hearing about the message boards on the pod over and over.

Grew up in Mount Juliet and played high school golf at the old MJHS (rip Windtree and Country Club of Franklin), live in Brentwood now. Nice to see a group dedicated to accessible golf in the area. Lived in Memphis from 2012-18, great affordable options all over. Seems not so much in the Nashville area which is odd given the growth. Doesn’t help all the CCs are putting the absolute squeeze on anyone wanting to join.

Schedule sucks, my weekend is Tuesday/Wednesday but maybe we can swing em sometime. :call_me_hand:

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Affordable options in the way of a private club or public access golf? I would argue we have an average to above average public inventory vs other southern cities. I would say good value is captured at Harpeth Hills, Two Rivers, Ted Rhodes (if it hasn’t rained), Greystone (bit of a drive), Montgomery Bell (ditto), supposedly Nashboro has come around (cannot confirm) and 12 stones is improving. Compare that to places like Atlanta, Charlotte, Jackson (MS), hell even Charleston which has a great (one) muni and Stono Ferry and that is about it. Not saying you can’t have your opinion but I have always been under the impression we have it much better than Memphis does?

I practice at the little course so I’m probably just bitter watching Legends hit off turf while I’m on the mat.

The private clubs in Memphis are definitely much more affordable. I’ll admit I haven’t played Rhodes or Harpeth but I’ve heard great things. Track I’ve played most since moving back is Gaylord but they don’t treat locals the same as they used to, more or less have just become a bachelor party headquarters.

Just seems like I had a lot more options within a 30 minute drive in Memphis is all, most pretty good. Here is a wider net but that’s kind of to be expected with Nashville growth.

I haven’t seen much on here about Pine Creek, I used to enjoy that course but interested to see how it’s doing now. Also the back 9 at Smyrna I used to really enjoy but haven’t been there in 10+ years.

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Nothing compares to the little course or the Legends short game area. I grew up on the summer camps there and have not found a better place to practice. Especially on the East side of town. Hermitage is good but not that good.

I can tell you that Pine Creek is good. They have some weird holes but its a fun track and is taken care of.

This is the first I have heard about Pine Creek. Will have to check it out!

@woodfinx - The private scene has gotten out of control for sure. Temple Hills might be worth checking out as it, relatively, affordable if you are south of town. Old Natchez was a popular option but now it is on a LENGTHY wait list and initiations are skyrocketing everywhere. Since our median home values are about 40-50% higher than Memphis it is going to be a challenge for any additional land to be allocated to a golf course, as I am sure everyone knows. Nashville Golf and Athletic is another option along with Legends but they all have their flaws and, like everything else, are pretty overpriced based on surge in golf demand and more and more people moving here.

@VandyLand Maybe it’ll calm down one day. I read about lightning bug on here and I’m excited to try it when they open.

I got spoiled at Windyke in Memphis. $180 a month for 36 holes with no initiation. Almost as if Nashville needs a blue collar country club :joy:

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First time posting on this thread but I wanted to introduce myself. I live on 8th Ave near Berry Hill. Stoked to meet up with you guys and that we have a roost

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Sick sick sick! I’ll send you a message to make sure we get you dialed in

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Hey I am going to be in Nashville for a bachelor party in August. Does anyone have any recommendations for course? I think we are going to try to play 2 rounds. Thanks in advance!

There was a fairly extensive discussion about it about two weeks ago on the thread on course recommendations. If you’re wanting to playing 36 in a day, Hermitage has two courses that would be a good option from what I’ve read.

Headed to Nashville tomorrow, playing Sweetens Cove on Sunday. Can’t wait to check out this great city.

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I’ll bite. How many people are we talking, what is your budget, where are you staying and how INTO #golf is the group? If this is a just let’s get drunk and play a well conditioned course then just do Gaylord (they have cart girls with drinks and GPS carts and seem to be bachelor party central for people that don’t really care about golf). If the group has some sickos in there then read on as I don’t really get tired of answering this question and my answer changes a little bit every few months:

Within 15 minutes of downtown: Really only Ted Rhodes which is a municipal golf course but is decent. Would be hard to secure tee times for a large group as the old guys snatch them up and there is no website (this goes for all the munis that I mention, there is no website and you can only get tee times 7 days out by calling which sucks sucks sucks for everyone). Technically Shelby is across the river and close to downtown but I cannot…NAY WILL NOT…recommend that.

Within 30 minutes of downtown: Hermitage - can make advance tee times, 36 hole complex with the President’s being the “nicer” side with zoysia and more of a secluded feel. Generals (more walkable if you want that) is also nice but has more back and forth and holes and slightly less well conditioned. Gaylord opryland is a full on resort golf experience, I personally do not like the management but the course will be in good/great shape and is fairly wide open (in august it might be QUITE muggy and hot, very few trees and right by the cumberland). McCabe is a municipal that I love but I would not recommend out of town guests play it and again tee time issue. Harpeth Hills is our nicest municipal but has the same tee time issue (for the record, the munis are about $34 to walk on the weekends, not sure what it costs to get a cart because I don’t use them). Two Rivers is another nice municipal with the tee time issue. Better than mccabe not as good as harpeth. Nashboro supposedly has nice greens but I haven’t been there in some time. Probably not a great option. Twelve Stones and Franklin Bridge are possible options as well but the former is a little quirky and the latter is getting to be quite expensive and is typically JAM PACKED on the weekends because it is the only public course in Brentwood basically.

DO NOT SKIP THIS SECTION – WORTH DRIVING FOR: Again, if this is just a let’s drink all night on Broadway and maybe play golf then this is worthless BUT, 45 minutes from downtown you can get to Greystone or Montgomery Bell. Greystone is a wide open, rollicking golf course with a nice variability of hole design while still being very playable. The one caveat is they still have bent grass greens which can get torched in the summer if they don’t keep them sopping wet. Montgomery Bell is situated in the middle of a state park and is a beautiful course cut right through the woods. Not mega tight but definitely lacks some of the open feel of Greystone. That being said, it is just awesome to play. HOWEVER, there will be no cart girl out there so, again, if this is a drink as much as possible weekend you are going to hate that.


Thank you for the recommendations. We have 6 or 7 guys going and I am the only serious golfer of the bunch so I assume it will be more about the drinking than the actual golf.

Anyone have any recommendations for fitters around Nashville? And specifically for putters?

I just got fitted at the SeeMore HQ in Cool Springs. Had a great experience and I’m loving the putter.

Cool part is when you are done they go to the back and build your club. Highly recommend.

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Our Roost is sponsored by Golf RX! I’ve heard awesome things from the members about them! Not sure what they do in terms of putter fitting though.

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Highly recommend Eric over at Music City Golf. Great experience with both my putter and iron fittings.

100% recommend Seth Grissom and Ryan Smith over at Golf RX in Mt. Juliet. They do most of the fittings for most of our Roost and if purchase what you’re fit for they’ll waive the fitting fee.

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Late to the party here, but if your group is more in it for the beer than the golf, Gaylord Opryland is the move (assuming everyone is willing to pay). The golf there is good too so you’ll be happy as well. If y’all are trying to ball on a budget, then the munis are a good vibe.

We’ve had one spot open up for #TheExtinction at Park Mammoth, just north of BG, on Sunday, 5/22

The High Cotton Club’s largest event yet, complete with golf, food, and gifts, is set to be an all time vibe. Send me a message or reach out on Instagram @thehighcottonclub to get involved

*10 handicap-ish would be ideal, but all are welcome. Let’s fill this spot!