Roll Call - MN contingent?

Man you turned on your team fast…is this what happens at your other events?

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Don’t like this @xthrubyx this is between teammates don’t you try to pour gas on this fire

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I guess I don’t understand how I turned on my team/didn’t intend to. My bad cap!



It’s treason, then.

I thought @GRWhitehead was providing all of the refreshments?


Give me a shout if you need help with anything - gladly will ease your workload if needed (especially closer to event). Thanks for all the planning so far, I am like 95% sure this date works for me. So pumped


Super pumped for this!!!

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On the calendar. That may not sound significant, but I am recently engaged and we are actively trying to pick a date. I just told her that weekend is off the table. Her response - cool, have fun and kick some ass. I think I’m making a great decision.

Also, my captain @Taylorda will be drinking on the house for putting this together. That’s how Team Civilization rolls.


Kansas Citian dropping in to say hello. I am going to Minneapolis on Memorial Day weekend for a golf trip. Are there any can’t miss courses? They are not a super “woke” group, and probably will care about conditioning mostly. Any feedback at all (or point me to a previous post) would be great as I know nothing about the golf scene. Thanks in advance!

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Courses I have found in my 10 minutes of research:

  • Keller
  • Stone’s Ridge
  • Chaska Town Course
  • Meadows at Mystic Lake
  • Legends Club
  • Willingers
  • Rush Creek
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Where are you staying?

Keller and Stoneridge are probably the top two, at least for me. Conditioning is great for both. Stoneridge is probably the best in the MSP area. Keller is the best deal in MN. Rush Creek is very nice but isn’t exactly a great value (I’ve only played it once though). Chaska and Legends are fun, good conditioning there. Willingers is just plain hard. I honestly hated it, and they’ve probably got the worst conditioning out of the ones you listed. Haven’t played the Meadows, heard it’s nice.

I would also recommend The Royal Club. New Arnold Palmer/Annika Sorenstam design that is just growing in and is a blast. Troy Burne in Hudson, WI is about a half hour from Minneapolis and is also top notch, might have the best conditioning of the bunch other than Stoneridge.


Please tell me you knew @Taylorda doesn’t drink before you threw that out there. I’m also buying cocktails for him all night…


As @Taylorda said, depends on where you’re staying. Also depends on your budget. If your group doesn’t mind dropping $100+ on a round, then that opens things up.

Rush Creek in Maple Grove is the best public track in town, imo - although I think some would disagree with me on here. Peak rates are $120ish, but twilight is a good deal. If 36 in a day is an option, I’d do Baker National in the morning and Rush in the afternoon. That’s all west metro.

If you’re more towards St. Paul, or East Minneapolis, I’d look at Keller, Stoneridge, or make the drive to Wisconsin and hit Troy Burne. Stoneridge has some of the best greens you’ll putt on outside of a private club.

Towards the south is Legends and Mystic Lake. Mystic is a casino course and kinda flys under the radar, but it’s got some killer holes and is always in really pure shape. Also a plus if your group likes to toss some cards in the casino afterwards.

Hope this helps!

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He didn’t that what makes it so smart

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I genuinely had no idea!

It all depends on your location and price sensitivity, many great public courses here.

Your list is a good starting point but I would also consider Logger’s Trail, Baker National (best value in town along with Keller), Edinburgh USA (RTJ II), Ridges at Sand Creek and Braemar.

Skip Chaska, it’s way over priced.

Stone Ridge is the best public course IMO, don’t miss it.

Troy Burne, Rush Creek and Legends are probably 2a, 2b and 2c.
Meadows at Mystic is your typical casino course with fake waterfalls and super green conditions, a favorite among the “unwoke” types.


if you REEEEAAALLYYYY wanted to get crazy you could drive the 4 hours and go up to Giant’s Ridge in Biwabik.

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