Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)

  1. Gross is not Theo Wirth



Top 10 Things I Care About When Choosing a Golf Course

  1. Does it have 18 flags?
  2. Do I have a group to play with?
  3. Is the beer cold?

I guess I’m 7 other items short.

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There are quite a few courses that have all three of these…does that mean we won’t be getting your input on T10 courses?

Totally agree. Like I said, these are early leaders in the clubhouse in my opinion, not finalized yet. I was also very bored last night.

I hope everyone knows that none of my opinions really matter and @bobs219 defense of Gross actually makes me want to go there and see it again. It’s all in good fun.


#1 worst take! We like that! Listen, for sure Keller is a great course, and when you factor in cost, it’s higher up that list. I guess I just ranked it on which course would I most want to play if nothing else was considered. I can safely say that if you take out the cost to play I would chose each of the courses I ranked above it over Keller.

I actually have always kept a list of my favorite golf courses I’ve ever played. However, now that I have claimed the #1 spot on the worst takes list I don’t think I should share it anymore!


Its too early to think you are going to retain the top spot.

Let’s see the list…you’re doing a public service by letting us spend our Tuesday picking it apart

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Umm… I know the metro public course isn’t your scene but i bet you could list off your T10.

Here’s the top 40. Feel free to properly roast me!


Terrible list, Mammoth Dunes is way too low. :slight_smile:


Why I pop in here everyday

Can’t really argue with much of these. That’s a hell of a list! StoneRidge being so low is questionable though

If you think that is low, wait till you see where he has Northland. :grimacing::rofl:


Northland below Deacons, Maddens and Wilderness? @munihack7 and @tj_denawli…what say you?

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He has bold takes. Hazeltine as the top course in MN is wild, but The Quarry being below both The Wilderness and the The Legend is even more mind bottling to me.

I appreciate bold takes though, it’d be boring if every list was the same.


I need your defense of the Northland ranking sir…along with StoneRidge below Legends. My eye is starting to twitch

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He favors modern courses with pristine conditioning over golden age courses, which is fine.

I can understand if someone would argue for Deacon’s or Wilderness as the top course in MN, they are really good, Madden’s is awful though (great conditioning and nice people but the golf holes are mostly bad target golf).

I’m guessing Northland was probably dragged down by the company he was playing with last time he was there.

:eyes: @Lazstradamus @GRWhitehead

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That would do it

Northland was a ton of fun to play. I suppose one of the reasons I ranked those lakes region courses high is that we used to do a family vacation up there every summer and I would always play them with family, specifically my dad. So that led to a higher “experience” so to speak. That being said playing with Laz and Guy at Northland was awesome! I guess they just have a high sentimental value for me.

I played Legends for the first time this summer and really really enjoyed it. Stoneridge has the best/most challenging greens in the metro. I haven’t been out to Stoneridge yet this summer. Maybe should fix that before the year is up.