Roll Call: Minnesota Part 2 - SIM MEETUP post 9471

@SBST and I have two spots for Les Bolstad at 7:10 am on Sunday if anyone’s interested

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Can you at least report on the green conditions or show pictures before you offer up these spots? I think you are violating the TC way by not letting the people know what has happened to your girl.


Listen… that’s what the $40 green fees are for.

In a move TOTALLY UNRELATED to the condition of Les Bolstad, we’re now playing keller at 6:54 am. Two spots up for grabs.


Now THAT is tempting


I’ll be up at giants ridge/wilderness this weekend, anyone know what conditions are like up there this spring?

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Longshot here, anyone local have any X-Stiff iron shaft pulls? Found a half set of blades and don’t want to spend more on the shafts then the heads themselves… In a perfect world I’d get a 2iron, 4 iron, 6iron, and 8iron pull (the half set is odds), but I’m not expecting to get a 2iron pull honestly, I’ll probably need to order that myself.

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I have a set of x100 pulls. They’d be 4-P soft stepped once (or 3-9, I guess) and they play +1/2”.

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If I wasn’t 1200 miles away I’d be all over this. @BenJKodi should do it though. He will have been up for hours no matter what.

One spot left with our gui @chefcycle joining the team


Played giants ridge last week, both courses were in great shape for early may


Keller was prime this morning. Some extra “thump” in the greens and they were slippery. Got it dialed for the MN Senior PGA on Tuesday


MN Senior PGA gets to play prime conditties Keller and the State Am qualifier is at Les? Go home MGA, you’re drunk.


Come check out these prime conditties tomorrow morning! One spot left.


today @earlsmithiii and i battled at a very windy and very fast greened Pioneer Creek. we were even after 1, but i proceeded to keep the edge all the way to 18 through 5 more pops. we are even going to 18 where he get his last stroke. i ended up sealing the deal.

i additionally convinced him to sign up for the NSS.

on to Cincinnati……




I have 4-PW S300s. I got them off here for $100 so just trying to come out even. Z cord grips. Can DM pics if you’re interested. They played standard in ZX7s

Getting out for a late PM round at Highland for my quota. Currently a 12.1. Playing from the whites


And here’s the damage… gotta agree with @kcurry11’s take on #7, just always can’t figure it out.

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There is just no good place to drive the ball, except the right rough.