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You should def see if you can get an AD tee time for $75. You can always play Meadows on the cheap.


Hope things are thawing out up in #PureMichigan.

Traverse City is one of a few potential destinations for a big family trip next summer (2024).
Wife’s parents (50th anny), wife’s brother & wife + U5 kids, and our family (9 yo old twins).

Can you give me any guidance on Traverse City as it relates to a place to lodge?
Preference is a nice rental house that sleeps 6 adults + 4 kids or a nice resort. On the water would be a bonus.

TC is my idea, so I want to put a best foot forward!


I honestly don’t think you can miss up there for a family trip. it all seems to be geared in that direction. There are more seasoned vets in here for general MI knowledge but I feel like they would echo the sentiment

Do you have specific dates? I’d start looking up places now as lots of folks will reserve the same houses year after year.

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Not specific dates, but July 2024 is the target time. In general is renting a house the way to go or is there a classy resort that “has it all”? Bit of a once in a lifetime trip for us with the in-laws footing the (large) budget…


A couple years back the fam and I went with the in-laws to Holland Michigan. Tons of family stuffs, good golf in the general vicinity. If I can recommend one thing about this place, stay within walking distance of Dune Dogz

Great little spot, surprisingly good food (for what it is) and the perfect night cap for everyone.


The best bang for your/their buck will definitely be renting a lake front (bay or one of many inland lakes close by) home. There are many, but as mentioned, they get reserved quickly for the summer months. I’d plan a year out if you’re able to settle on a date. I’d avoid 4th of July in Traverse as Cherry Festival makes it very crowded and it can impossible to get around/do anything in town.


The only real “resort” in the area that I can think of is Grand Traverse. It’s nice and modern, has a couple golf courses which you SHOULD NOT PLAY (given the other options in NW Michigan), but isn’t spectacular and you’ll have to drive to the various downtowns anyways.

There’s a ton of rental housing stock up there, both on Grand Traverse Bay and the various lakes (Torch, Elk, Charlevoix, Leelenau). IMO, I’d look for something close to TC or west up the Leelenau peninsula.


Holland and TC are several hours apart FYI. Holland is really GR area.

The Homestead in Glen Arbor used to be a good option. Easy access to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Leelanau peninsula, and TC. We used to be able to get good deals on condos there, but I think the resort changed some policies to get more of a cut, so it’s more expensive now. Still might be worth a look, though.

A large budget can be interpreted a lot of ways but here are some options…

Torch lake is amazing.


this is fair, I forgot about the TC need.

Others can chime in but I’ve always considered the Leelanau peninsula as a rental house Mecca. The homestead is one ‘resort’ but all places are owner rented. There are plenty of amazing spots along Lake Michigan. @Brentdtw had listed some great options

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Bravo, Fresh Coast. Bravo! Thanks for all the info and great tip to avoid July 4th. Craic on!


Your instincts about a rental house are good but book early! They’re in high demand in TC. We waited too late before we went last summer and couldn’t find anything so we ended up at Great Wolf Lodge, which the kids didn’t mind.


I will pitch the Frankfort/Beulah area. A lake house on Crystal lake is perfect. Very close drive to Lake Michigan. For golf you’ve got Arcadia bluffs and south course very close and hidden gems in Champion Hills and Pinecroft. Sleeping bear dunes is a short drive north and TC is about 45 minutes away. Check out Five Shores brewing and Storm cloud brewing. Both cities are very cute lake towns with nice shops.


Storm cloud is good stuff.


My grandparents had a place in Frankfort and refused to tell anyone the name of the town. They didn’t want it to get too popular lol.

Wonderful little town though. No where near as much happening as TC, but Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan are both right there and beautiful.

I know a bit of the history of Frankfort. I would say I was like a low rent @BamaBearcat of the area, but I’m pretty sure he has spent a lot of time up there too.