Roll Call - Melbourne golfers!

$350 seems extremely expensive to me, given that StAB and Dunes are both around $100. I’d be reaching out to see if there are any members who can hook you up, guest rate is likely around $150.

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I’m pretty sure the second round at the nash is half price if you play two on the same day (half of 350 is still a lot for golf). I think Gunnamatta is probably the better course but Old is so distinctive I would hate to miss it. Honestly I’d be happy to pay the $530 odd for a day on Old and Moonah anytime.

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Have played all the ones you’ve booked. That is a bloody awesome trip, really showing how good the Peninsula(s) public golf options are! Obviously worth is a difficult one but I’d definitely say the National 3 courses are worth it at that price! Sounds like your smaller group are probably at least some level of golf junkies as well if you’ve already done the peninsula trip before so I’d say splash out and treat yourselves to the National! That being said I have 0 disposable income because of my golf addiction :joy:


Alright Gents,

Be kind! this is going to sound like a dating post!

I have recently returned to Melbourne after living away for the last 7 years (abroad and interstate) during this time I took up golf again after a few years away from the sport and am looking for people to play with on a regular and consistent basis as my mates aren’t a golf sicko like me and only wanna play once a month or two…

About me:
31 y.o
I am based in Northcote but am always happy to drive!
Technically don’t have a handicap currently but would be around a 14
Looking to join a club with right vibe once I find a group I can play with regularly.

Hit me up if you’d be keen to go for a round!


I am a bit further south, but looking forward to taking some other refuge members for a long walk on the (7 mile) beach in the future.

Plenty of Melbournians in here though, so you should be able to find a game fairly easily. Should probably put in your budget for new membership too (feel free to use Sandbelt - non-sandbelt - public golf as a spectrum…) and that should help.

Welcome back!

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Hey mate, I’d be keen to have a hit, have a small group of golf sicko friends here in Melbourne for the last couple of years and it’s honestly been awesome so super happy to add another to that list!

I’m also further south but not quite as far as Will :joy: I’m in the Prahran area and am a member at Cheltenham! It’s only 9 holes and not the best course but gets year round play being in the Sandbelt region so drains well (must point out here - not a Sandbelt course in terms of design). Best part about it is the membership there, basically joined only knowing 1 person and was made very welcome straight away, big group of regulars who play every Saturday and love a few beers afterwards!
Also always very keen to travel for golf to see new/good courses!

Have you looked at any courses you’re keen to try play?


@wilbur.kay - I am actually born and raised in Hobart, so very keen to get down once 7MB opens and get a few loops in!

@NickW - Sounds perfect mate, I actually work in Moorabbin so Cheltenham is around the corner from my office! I definitely would be keen to come have a round or two and we can chat about other courses to check out!

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Im in Maribyrnong and always keen to play. Will travel for golf. :joy:

Down the Mornington Peninsula this weekend if anyone is around.